Note: This page provides a sneak peek of some of the training we will offer. We will continue to expand this list of training over the coming weeks.




For 2020, Scaling New Heights continues to offer highly advanced and innovative training on QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, as well as advanced training and certification training on selected solutions that integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

In other words, training specifically designed for the most experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the world!




We are engineering much of the training for each year’s conference around the theme.

This year, the theme is Rise of the Advisor, where the “Risen Advisor”…

  • Manages an Advanced Practice with standardized and automated processes, a strong and vision-driven culture and highly empowered teams who are organized into clear and efficient roles and responsibilities.
  • Deploys Technologies strategically to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness, while facilitating secure and high touch client interactions and document exchanges.
  • Transforms Clients with high impact advisory services, designed to increase the clients' wealth, through consulting services focused on 6 key areas of small business needs: financial insights, operational efficiencies, team management, technology deployment, knowledge management, and succession planning.

We have designed three tracks of training specifically around the goal of elevating Advisors in the three areas mentioned above.

Technology Deployment Track

The sessions in this track will equip small business advisors to leverage the latest technology innovations. The goal: to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness, while facilitating secure and high touch client interactions and document exchange.

Sessions will cover the application of general business solutions like Office 365 (Excel, OneNote, etc.) and Google Suite to the accounting and bookkeeping professions and...of on applications designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers.


Practice Advancement Track

The sessions in the track focus on what we call the "Pillars of the Perfect Practice:" Specialization, Standardization, Automation, and Team Building, where content will cover categories like: Management skills, process management, knowledge management, and and leadership skills.

The Practice Advancement Track equips you to build a modern, efficient and scalable practice and to hone your expertise as QuickBooks consultants, bookkeepers and tax professionals.


Client Transformation Track

Sessions in this track will equip you to provide advisory services like financial analysis, operational consulting, management coaching...all designed to increase your client's wealth. Increases in client wealth are often financial, but could also be less literal forms of wealth like the company’s reputation (i.e. brand), culture, infrastructure, technology, scalability, etc. Increases in wealth can also directly impact the business owner like peace of mind, work/life harmonization, and enhanced leadership skills.