Scaling New Heights is going to Texas!

From its beginning as an outpost, Ft. Worth grew as a major hub for cattle trade, enriched in history and playing a pivotal role in the Mexican American war. Known as “Where the West Begins,” it is a frontier of discovery, expansion, and a fantastic host for our conference. It is also the headquarters for American Airlines, GM financial, and, of course, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. There are a hundred reasons to take in the western culture, but be sure to invest in a 10 gallon hat while you’re here!


Hotel block opens winter 2021
Enjoy the "Hotel Bonus Package." This new package is exclusive to registrants who stay in our block (Hotel Bonus Pack) and includes:
  1. Entry in our Hotel Block Raffle
    • First Prize: An all expense paid to Scaling New Heights 2022 including conference registration, up to four nights of hotel and a travel voucher worth $420.00 ($2,000 value).
    • Second Prize: One complimentary registration for a 3 month Woodard Institute course ($1,785 value).
    • Third Prize: One complimentary membership in Woodard Alliance ($420.00 value).
    • A free pass to the annual "Joe Woodard Annual Brunch" on June 20.
  2. Early access to make reservations for the Genius Bar for small group (or one-on-one) meetings with subject matter experts and thought leaders.
  3. Access to recorded Breakout Sessions. We will record over 20 breakout sessions during the conference (2 per breakout segment), providing you with up to 3 times the training benefit from your conference experience. Please note: recorded Breakout Sessions are not eligible for CPE.
  4. Stay with Your Peers. Much of the networking value around Scaling New Heights is serendipitous. Take advantage of chance encounters in the hotel lobbies, hallways and other common areas with other attendees, main stage speaker and sponsors. Our team (including Joe Woodard) will be staying at the Omni Hotel – our Headquarters hotel - and we also enjoy the opportunity to get to know you!
  5. Be Close to the Convention Center. Our hotels are very near the convention center, providing the most convenient access to the facility.
  6. Ensure a High Quality Stay in a Safe Location. Our team has thoroughly vetted each of the properties in our block, including conducting site visits of each property and meeting face to face with hotel managers. Also, we selected hotels that are closest to the convention center and surrounding dining/night life that have safe walking paths.
  7. Help us Out. Each city where we host Scaling New Heights requires hotel blocks for us to use their convention center. If our attendees don't stay in the block, we run the risk of buying up empty rooms, as we have had to do each year since moving Scaling New Heights into convention centers.
  8. A free, signed copy of The Execution Factor, the highly acclaimed book by Kim Perell, this year's Featured Keynote Speaker.

Hotel Bonus Pack Details: To qualify for the Hotel Bonus Package you must have a guest room reserved in your name reserved through our website (not through the hotel's website or through other reservation sites) with a reservation that includes at least three nights. Hotels reserved with points do not qualify for the Hotel Bonus Package. If you have any questions, chat with us during normal business hours (see the chat option at the bottom right of the screen), email us at or call us at 404-857-0700.