the Unstoppable Practice track

The Unstoppable Practice leverages the standardization and automation of processes, combined with strategic pricing, to generate higher profit margins, scalable operations, empowered teams, and the democratization of firm knowledge and expertise.

Further, the Unstoppable Practice provides a unique value, with a defined and differentiated brand story, and delivers its value with consistency of quality and secure, modernized client experience.

Ultimately, the Unstoppable Practice is a sellable practice - the type of operation someone wants to purchase when the owners/partners are ready to retire.


unstoppable practice Sessions

The sessions in the Unstoppable Practice Track focus on the following:

Practice Advancement

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 focus on key areas of practice advancement,  including process standardization, process automation, brand management, marketing, virtual practice strategies, growth/expansion strategies, sales methodologies, and key practice metrics and measurements. 

Strategic Pricing

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 equip you to develop your unique value proposition, to determine a pricing model that is fair for you and your clients, to lead clients to accept your new pricing model and to maximize positive pricing pressure through brand, practice distinction and value added services.

Process Modernization

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 focus on driving extreme efficiencies in your bookkeeping practice through standardization and automation of productions. Sessions in this track also focus on modernizing firm operations around project management, client agreements, change orders, document management and team collaboration.

Client Experience

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 focus on enhancing your client experience through secure collaboration tools (displacing traditional client portals), interactive file management systems, and the strategic use of CRM for issues handling, logging client interactions, and automating the nurture of client relationships.