the Unstoppable Professional track

Unstoppable Professionals intentionally advance their practices by managing priorities, harmonizing work and life, and investing in their mental and physical well-being.

The Unstoppable Professional values knowledge over production, as knowledge is the pathway to becoming a stronger practice leader as well as the pathway to extreme proficiencies with accounting services, consulting, and advisory.

Ultimately, the Unstoppable Professional is transformative, coaching their clients toward increased financial visibility, technological modernization, strategic planning, and operational excellence.


unstoppable professional SESSIONS

The sessions in the Unstoppable Professional Track focus on the following:

Extreme Proficiency

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 provide highly advanced training on accounting and back office technologies (e.g. QB, Patriot Software and QB Add-ons), general small business technologies (e.g. Microsoft 365, tech trends, and security) and industry-specific business operations (e.g. legal, construction, retail, and non-profit).

Transformative Impact

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 equip you to coach small business owners and managers in the areas of increased financial visibility, enhanced operational efficiencies, modernized technologies, intentional business management, employee/team management, and increased business valuation.

High-Impact Leadership

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 equip you with the practical systems, strategies, and expertise you need to effectively lead teams within your practice (including contracted resources), to develop a positive business culture, to enhance team productivity, and to coach your clients to effectively lead within their respective organizations. 

Holistic Well-Being

The sessions at Scaling New Heights 2021 provide clinically-proven methods for you to be an Unstoppable Person in the areas of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and work-life harmonization. Sessions in this track also focus on building healthy relationships, including strategies around professional networking, maintaining boundaries, and working with various personality styles.