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June 19-22
Orlando, Florida

Price $795

this is your time to thrive!

We have just weathered a powerful economic, social, and health crisis – all while facing the “normal” challenges of parenthood, elderly care, domestic relationships, health events…the list goes on and on.

Since we are unstoppable folk, we are enduring under the weight of the storm, but many of us are exhausted, harried, and, to some degree, afraid. Simply put, we are surviving when we could soar.

Over the coming year, I challenge you to expect more…demand more than just survival, but the journey from a state of survival to a state of victory is not an easy one. You need a map (i.e., a plan), you need a guide, you need training, and you need the strength of a community. Simply put…you need Scaling New Heights 2022 where we will provide you with the essential tools you need to excel in your life and practice.

This is your time to plan…to excel…to expand.

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