Our coaching program – Woodard Institute – provides education, systems and tools to equip small business advisors to better manage their practices, extend value to their clients, develop specializations, grow their practices, and increase profitability. Woodard Institute also offers an interactive peer-to-peer coaching community to guide you in your journey to the next “version” of your practice and the next version of yourself as a professional.


Our niche programs leverage Woodard’s extensive accountant communities and decades of experience to provide resources accountants needs to support specific industries and, coming soon, offer highly specialized professional services. ​​




What They’re Saying

  • To be empowered as a Pro-Advisor, there is no better training, hands down, than Woodard Institute.

  • For me the Woodard Group has been an opportunity to meet new people, expand my knowledge and grow my business. In the monthly sessions we hold where I am learning about additional products. My interactions with my colleagues has provided me with resources so that I can refer clients/prospects for areas I don't cover and has helped my colleagues know me so that they refer business to me.

    Caren SchwartzGreater Fairfield County Woodard Group
  • I joined the Woodard Network to be able to network with others. When I have a client with a problem, or I am having a QB issue I have never run into, I can shoot out a message and others from all over the country can help me out. It would be hard for me to give up my daily emails to see what relevant issues people are talking about in the Woodard Network world. The software references are the best part for me. It is almost like a news feed on current software, its abilities and related applications.

    Jessica DornFMI Management & Accounting Solutions
  • I am attending again. I walked away from prior Scaling New Heights conferences with knowledge about QuickBooks and add-ons that I could put to immediate use. But more importantly, I walked away with new contacts and friends that I can call on for assistance. Scaling New Heights conference fee $ Travel Expenses $ Professional contacts and resources PRICELESS.

    Caren Schwartz
  • Your organization is highly valuable to me. When I engage with Woodard I not only learn, I also get motivated to do new things...and I get the structure I need to follow through.

    Judy Borland
  • The annual Scaling New Heights conference is essential to expanding our knowledge of QuickBooks, assessing third party add-on products available, planning and implementing our Practice and Leadership Development, and preparing for certifications. The conference has compelled us to research and adopt advanced technologies and improved our accounting methods. The education, training and products we have integrated from the Scaling New Heights conferences allow us to offer higher level, mid-market accounting services. Our (22) employees now lobby to attend this conference each year!

    Karen Mora
  • If you are willing to explore your professional relationships with clients and your team this course is a must.

    Institute 3
  • I signed up for the course, mainly because I met Joe at Connect 2014 and had a very good discussion on training and the direction of firms in the future. After taking the Gateway Course, I feel it makes you look at yourself, your firm, and your associates to determine just what you see for the future of your firm. It further forces you to decide what direction you want to take your firm. This could be to the next level, or remain doing what you are. Either way you will feel more confident with your decision, which if nothing else should let you sleep better at night. I can't wait for the next course to begin.

  • Scaling New Heights lives up to its name every year. It keeps getting better and better. The training, the vendors and the very talented, helpful attendees have helped me bring my practice to a new level. The real beneficiaries are my clients. Now we see QuickBooks as part of an eco-system that helps them bring their businesses to new heights.

    Sharon McNeal
  • I didn't know how much I didn't know!

    Susan Pruskin
  • If you are willing to explore your professional relationships with clients and your team this course is a must.

  • The Gateway Course directly fits to my goal to re-evaluate and restructure my business. Now I have specific steps I can apply. Thanks!

    Joan Shumaker
  • "Scaling New Heights is 'magical', even when it's somewhere other than 'Disney'!"

    William Murphy
  • Attending Scaling New Heights actually changed my life. The knowledge I gained from the sessions and interacting with my peers allowed me to have the confidence to start my own consulting business. I have met so many interesting people and learned skills that translate to more productivity and efficiency as a result of the sessions I have attended and the knowledge that others have shared with me. Probably the best part of meeting new people is the widening circle of friends and advisors that I now have.

    Cindy Moore
  • Glad I went to Scaling New Heights. I was skeptical at first because I'm taking on some big clients and didn't think I'd have the bandwidth to leave for a few days. What I took away from the conference far outweighs the skepticism I had.

    Matt Rohlack

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