Build your advisory services for Construction Companies

Introducing a program for advisors
who serve construction companies.
Training and assistance provided.

The leading business management software
for small and medium sized construction firms.
Integrated with QuickBooks™


Woodard and Knowify have teamed up to bring you a game changing advisory opportunity, and now we would like to invite advisors who are interested in specializing in Construction companies to join our program.

The Market

This is a huge market with a lot of opportunity. There are over 1.2 million small and medium sized construction companies in the US, and many are using old software and have very inefficient administrative processes.

The Opportunity

Whether you currently provide accounting services to construction companies or you would like to add this to your areas of expertise, there is a tremendous opportunity for services you offer. Perhaps more than any other industry, construction company owners tend to focus on getting new business and project completion. They generally don’t spend time on process improvement and management metrics.

The Construction Company Advisors Network (CCAN)

We will be launching promotions and generating leads that will go to you and your colleagues as you build expertise in this market.

Benefits for Advisors

This network will help you connect with peers, get training, obtain marketing materials, and generate new leads for your business. More importantly, by developing an expertise in construction business management, you will be able to offer monthly services that are important to building client value and income for your business.

Next Steps

You can either request additional information or jump in with us and we will all develop the construction advisors network together. Either way, there is no cost to you.


These documents were created to inform and help law firms and are free to download.

Overview for Construction Advisors

This presentation introduces the Construction Advisor Network and Knowify’s partnership with Woodard.

AIA Standard Billing Primer

All advisors need to understand this standardized billing / invoicing requirement for construction companies. Knowledge on how to streamline this process can be a high-impact way to get the attention of construction companies.

Construction Market Overview

Get a clear understanding of the terminology and business drivers that are unique to the construction market.

We look forward to building a high-impact network with you!

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