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We deliver world class professional education through local training, national conferences, and virtual experiences. We train small business advisors to develop cutting-edge, highly innovative and vibrant practices that transform small business.


Intuit partners with Woodard to produce localized, free training to help accounting professionals learn about QuickBooks Online and build an online practice.


Our yearly national conference, Scaling New Heights®, is a leading accounting technology conference and one of the largest gatherings of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the world. Scaling New Heights transforms the way small businesses operate through forward looking measurements built on accurate and actionable financial information,
mentorship of clients, management consulting …and much more.

Scaling New Heights 2017 Review

Scaling New Heights 2018 Conference


As an Intuit contracted partner, Woodard Events produces Intuit QuickBooks Virtual Conferences within a high tech virtual conference environment, providing comprehensive training on QuickBooks Online to help accounting professionals who want to continue developing their role as trusted advisors.

Providing cutting edge training for accounting professionals

Woodard Events provides unique, Intuit-centric training events that focus on practical, cutting edge professional education, fostering networking relationships among the most successful QuickBooks consultants in the country and providing resources that empower accounting professionals to grow their practices, expand the consulting services they offer, master Intuit small business products and maximize professional relationships.


Our training will empower you to grow and manage your practice and to stay on the cutting edge of the latest developments in accounting and online technologies.


Our technical training covers a wide range of Intuit products, products that integrate with QuickBooks, and other accounting software solutions. Sessions range from basic to advanced, some preparing you to take QuickBooks certification exams.


Our national conferences gather thousands of the most successful Intuit Advisors in the country.

A great event for building strategic networking relationships.


Our educational sponsors offer apps that integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting software, so that you can offer new, powerful, options to your clients by consulting on additional solutions!


Some of our training programs prepare you to take product certification exams, including QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification exams and certification programs offered by developers with solutions that integrate with QuickBooks


We bring together the best minds in the industry to help you grow your practice through new and refined skills.

Are you a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

As Intuit’s preferred training partner to accounting professionals, Woodard is uniquely positioned to empower you as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor with the education, professional coaching, resources, and networking opportunities you need to support your clients using QuickBooks.

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What They’re Saying

  • Woodard Institute was a launch pad for my business to grow. Our business opportunities and growth start with ourselves, who we are and what we are trying to accomplish in our world. I will use Joe Woodard's insights and tools to grow my business and I look forward to more educational moments with the Woodard Institute!

  • As a co-leader and member of our local Woodard Group since its inception, I have enjoyed the friendships that I’ve made through our group. I know that I always have a colleague that I can contact if I have a question regarding a software best practice or a practice management question.  I love the ability to collaborate with someone that does what I do.  I also have enjoyed the additional educational experience that is brought to our group and shared. Each and every month I learn something new from someone in our group that helps me grow my own practice and improve my skills.

    Cyndi MenardDenver Metro Group
  • What I love about being in Woodard Network is the camaraderie with other like-minded people. Even though I am alone in my office, I have a network worldwide I can count on. The sharing and caring of the people is beyond measure. Not only are these people accounting colleagues - they are my closest friends.

    Debra KilsheimerBehind the Scenes Financial Services
  • Scaling New Heights gives us the opportunity to learn and network like no other seminar event. For those of us with small practices it also gives us the incomparable assurance that "we are not alone" in our industry. The sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst these generous, caring individuals is unmatched in my 20 years as a business professional. Going to this conference will give you the competitive advantage that will put you at the front of the pack.

    Kathy Zaroczynski
  • I joined the Woodard Network to be able to network with others. When I have a client with a problem, or I am having a QB issue I have never run into, I can shoot out a message and others from all over the country can help me out. It would be hard for me to give up my daily emails to see what relevant issues people are talking about in the Woodard Network world. The software references are the best part for me. It is almost like a news feed on current software, its abilities and related applications.

    Jessica DornFMI Management & Accounting Solutions
  • Scaling New Heights lives up to its name every year. It keeps getting better and better. The training, the vendors and the very talented, helpful attendees have helped me bring my practice to a new level. The real beneficiaries are my clients. Now we see QuickBooks as part of an eco-system that helps them bring their businesses to new heights.

    Sharon McNeal
  • This event is a win win (education for me and take away resources for clients)! The conference is a journey. Pack up your gear and set out on an adventure of a lifetime, IT IS "Scaling New Heights."

    Deborah Defer
  • As usual, an offering from Joe Woodard and his associates exceeded my expectations. I am new to owning my own business and the Gateway course has provided a foundation on which to build the vision, mission and purpose I have for my business.

  • Woodard Institute was a launch pad for my business to grow. Our business opportunities and growth start with ourselves, who we are and what we are trying to accomplish in our world. I will use Joe Woodard's insights and tools to grow my business and I look forward to more educational moments with the Woodard Institute!

  • This class was what I needed to gain a better understanding of what my clients are perceiving as my job vs. their job.  I think clients sometimes believe that we are analyzing their products and services when we are looking at data after the fact.

  • If you are willing to explore your professional relationships with clients and your team this course is a must.

    Institute 3
  • Your organization is highly valuable to me. When I engage with Woodard I not only learn, I also get motivated to do new things...and I get the structure I need to follow through.

    Judy Borland
  • The best thing about Scaling New Heights conference was the fact that when I left there I was QBO certified. Upon completion of the QBO class we were told that we could stay and take the exam, while Dan from Intuit monitored the room. Thank you Dan and Intuit. Maybe next year's conference will build upon this!

    Debra Veilleux
  • Woodard Network is more than a group of accountants and consultants coming together for a common cause. It is a business catalyst. The combined experience of the members, along with guidance and mentoring from the trainers and leadership team, enable you to improve and grow your business. It's a great investment!

    Marjorie AdamsFourlane
  • The best investment I ever made in turning my practice away from tax prep.  Dawn provided all the tools, laser-focused education, real-world case studies, support & encouragement – everything you need to start increasing your client’s profits by 50% in four weeks, even conversation starters and leading questions.

    BA Jones