Introducing a program for advisors
building a small law firm specialization.
Training and assistance provided.


Woodard teamed up with legal developers to bring you a game changing advisory opportunity, and now we would like to invite advisors who are interested in specializing in law firms to join this program.

The Market

This is a huge market a lot of opportunity. There are over 500,000 small law firms in the US, and most are using email and contact systems or old-school software and have very inefficient administrative processes.

The Opportunity

Whether you currently provide accounting services to law firms or you would like to add this to your areas of expertise, this is a tremendous opportunity to expand the services you offer. Attorneys are enthused about practicing law, but rarely do they understand how to run a business. It is even more rare that they spend time on process improvement and business metrics.

The Law Firm Advisors’ Network (LFAN)

This network will help you connect with peers, get training, obtain marketing materials, and generate new leads for your business. We will be launching promotions and generating leads that will go to you and your colleagues as you build expertise in this market.

Benefits for Advisors

This network will be the home of best practices, proven methodologies and systems that allow the advisor to offer solutions with a high degree of confidence that this will lead to great outcomes for the client. More importantly, by developing an expertise in law firm business management, you will be able to offer monthly services that are important to building client value and income for your business.

Next Steps

You can either request additional information or jump in with us and we will all develop the law firm advisors network together. Either way, there is no cost to you.


These documents were created to inform and help law firms and are free to download.

Business Case for Law Practice Software

A quick infographic that illustrates the benefits of practice software and 4 key points of interest to consider.

Zubac, Legal PLC Case Study

A comprehensive case study involving the implementation of a firm manager for a virtual law office.

Firm Manager Testimonials

Five testimonials from Firm Manager users that have benefited from Firm Manager.

We look forward to building a high-impact network with you!

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