Partner Solutions

We partner with developers and
small business advisors to provide
marketing support, technical guidance, strategic consulting
for developers and laser focused segmented programs
to empower Small Business Advisors

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Partnership Facilitation

Woodard has extensive and deep reach into the community of developers who integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online (i.e. the “Intuit Ecosystem”) and is positioned to facilitate powerful strategic relationships between software developers.

QuickBooks Integration

Woodard provides integration services with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and other accounting solutions. For our integration we use proven, scalable, and robust integration technologies that allow you to extend your integrated partner channels faster — and often with a smaller investment than developing the integration in house.

ProAdvisor Channel Development

Woodard’s driving purpose to “empower small business advisors” often results in the building of consulting channels for the developers of QuickBooks-integrated solutions. Woodard’s unrivaled influence within the ProAdvisor community allows us to reach thousands of accountants to implement and support your QB-Integrated solution.


Market Penetration

Woodard Consulting provides the following services to facilitate the penetration of your product/service within the Intuit Ecosystem:

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Market Research and Viability Testing
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Brand Awareness Strategy
  • Go to Market Execution Support

Product and Integration Support

Woodard provides turnkey integration solutions with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and other solutions within the accounting space.

Already have a working integration? Woodard also provides integration and product analysis services with an emphasis on:

  • Relevance to the Accounting Profession and/or Small to Medium Sized Business Community
  • Relevance to the ProAdvisor/QuickBooks Consulting Professions
  • Relevance to Users of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online
  • Product Development Prioritization for Future Releases
  • Accuracy/Effectiveness of the Product’s Integration with QuickBooks
  • Product Testing, Evaluation and Alpha Support

Partner Introduction and Validation

Partnerships are often a very effective strategy for your initial go to market approach, and the right partnerships can also extend your current influence within an already reached market. Woodard Consulting is in a unique position to continually evaluate developers and service providers within the Intuit Ecosystem, to analyze compatibilities, to determine the viability of potential partnerships and to facilitate partnership formation.

Advisory Councils

Put the wisdom of the market to work to sharpen your place in the Intuit ecosystem. We bring groups of expert QuickBooks ProAdvisors together to collaborate with your team. The Woodard council process leads to new insights that can fundamentally change the way you are seen by the market and by advisors. Advisor Councils can help you define a course of action that has a high probability of success. And as a byproduct, the Council can begin the process of creating buzz and excitement in the market.

Channel Development

Woodard provides strategic consulting on channel development or, if you prefer, turnkey outsourcing of your channel development within the accounting profession. As part of our channel development services Woodard:

  • Designs recommender, consultant and/or reseller channels
  • Recruits channel members from within the accounting profession
  • Develops certification programs
  • Designs curriculum and other resources for channel members

Competitive Analysis

Woodard has a research arm and data library we can leverage to provide you with a competitive analysis of your product and to measure the projected impact of your product within the accounting space.

You can leverage the data we provide to guide you in your marketing efforts, product design and strategic partnerships. As part of this service Woodard can provide you with:

  • A measurement of your strengths and weaknesses as compared to competing products
  • Strategic recommendations about acquiring or partnering with potential competitors
  • Product development strategies that will provide long term competitive advantage for your solution in the marketplace

Event Production

Woodard’s event production team produces the world’s largest ProAdvisor conference (“Scaling New Heights”), Intuit’s “QuickBooks Accounting Virtual Conferences,” and the accountant training at the annual “QuickBooks Connect” Conference.

You can leverage this world class event production team for your own corporate events like:

  • Corporate Retreats
  • Corporate Symposiums/Summits
  • Certification Tours/Events
  • User Conferences


 Woodard has partnered with some innovative developers to bring game changing opportunities to grow your business by offering specialized services.

About the Intuit Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes Intuit as a corporation and all of its customers and partners who are financially invested in or financially impacted by it’s policies, products, services and/or corporate direction. The small business ecosystem includes:


  • Intuit
  • Intuit’s Small Business Community (Software Users and Service Subscribers)
  • Intuit’s Accounting Professional Users (Users of Professional Tax Products and QuickBooks Accountant)
  • Intuit’s ProAdvisor Program Members
  • Intuit’s Premier Reseller Program Members
  • Intuit’s Developer Partners – Developers of Solutions that Integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online