We partner with developers
to provide marketing support, technical guidance,
strategic consulting and laser focused segmented
programs which will ultimately empower small business advisors.

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We deliver world class professional education through local training, national conferences, and virtual experiences. We train small business advisors to develop cutting-edge, highly innovative, and vibrant practices that transform small business. In addition to our extensive training on practice growth, practice development, and technology trends, Woodard partners with leading software developers like Intuit® and Sage® to provide certification training and advanced product training on solutions highly relevant to small business.


Our coaching program – Woodard Institute – provides education, systems, processes, and tools to equip small business advisors to better manage
their practices, extend value to their clients, develop specializations, grow their practices, and increase profitability. Woodard Institute also offers an interactive, peer-led community where advisors with shared practice goals and visions exchange ideas, provide guidance, and encourage each other along the journey to the next “versions” of their practices.


We offer free, powerful resources designed specifically for small business advisors. Our online resources include a video case study called Tech Makeover, and a podcast series based on our annual Scaling New Heights® Conference. Through our strategic media partner, Insightful Accountant, we also provide advisors with a virtual training series call “QB Talks,” periodic educational webinars, editorial content…and more!


At Woodard, we understand the power of a strong community of experts and small business advisors working together. Our two community programs – Woodard Network and Woodard Groups – provide interaction between professionals through both small, localized meetings, and a global online community platform. The members of our professional community share ideas, cross-refer specialized services, exchange information, and foster high impact, long-term relationships.

About the Intuit Ecosystem

The ecosystem includes Intuit as a corporation and all of its customers and partners who are financially invested in or financially impacted by it’s policies, products, services and/or corporate direction. The small business ecosystem includes:


  • Intuit
  • Intuit’s Small Business Community (Software Users and Service Subscribers)
  • Intuit’s Accounting Professional Users (Users of Professional Tax Products and QuickBooks Accountant)
  • Intuit’s ProAdvisor Program Members
  • Intuit’s Premier Reseller Program Members
  • Intuit’s Developer Partners – Developers of Solutions that Integrate with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online

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