Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Be an Accountant Detective by Using the Client Data Review

Speaker(s): Dan DeLong

The amount time you can save by using the Client Data Review by eliminating the guesswork of “what’s changed” and “who did that?” can be tremendous. The arsenal of tools available can run the spectrum of find and fix, instant adjustment, to isolating the usual suspects so you can deal with them in short order. This session will be an overview of the Client Data Review tool, how to access it, and using to save you and your firm time. more


Introduction to Spreadsheet Sync

Speaker(s): Dan DeLong

This new included add on in QBO Advanced brings many of the “I wish I could do this in QBO like in Desktop” into the realm of possibilities. Editing multiple list elements, batch updating invoices, combining reports for multiple companies all within the “magic of excel” could just be Geek Paradise. This session will be an overview of how to connect and use this powerful tool. more


QuickBooks Desktop File Utilities

Speaker(s): Dan DeLong

Have you ever seen a Balance Sheet out of Balance? How about editing a transaction and QuickBooks Desktop closes on you, that is great, huh? Anytime you say “weird” and QuickBooks” in the same sentence, usually you are talking about data damage. This session will focus on some of the common causes of data damage, and ways to remedy it so you and your clients can be confident working in, and that the data will create the reports that help guide making decisions affecting you and your client’s businesses. more