Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Introduction to QuickBooks Online

Speaker(s): Michelle Long

Are you ready to learn about QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA)? In this session, we’ll be demoing in QBO/QBOA giving you an intro to key features, tools and more. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

· Navigating Tips & Tricks

· Key Workflows for Sales and Expenditures

· Intro to Bank Feeds and Bank Rules

· And more more


Automation with QuickBooks Online

Speaker(s): Michelle Long

Did you know there are several workflows and things you can automate with QuickBooks Online? This can be a huge time saver for you and your clients. Plus, it improves accuracy in the data. Specifically, I’ll be in QuickBooks demoing:

· Bank Feed Rules & Auto-add

· Fetch bank statements

· Automate Sales workflows

· Mobile app

· QBO Advanced Workflows more


QuickBooks Online Accountant Clean-up & Year-End

Speaker(s): Michelle Long

Want to save time cleaning up mistakes in QuickBooks Online? Do you know all the great tools & features in QuickBooks Online Accountant to help improve the accuracy of the data (5 times more accurate)? Then, this session is for you! I will demo the tools and features in QuickBooks Online Accountant to help save time on clean up and at year end. Specifically:

· Reclassify transactions

· Books Review and fixing Undeposited Funds

· Prepare 1099s

· Prep for Taxes more


Non-Standard Transactions in QuickBooks Online

Speaker(s): Michelle Long

Some transactions seem to be difficult to determine how to enter them into QuickBooks. In this session, we’ll discuss and demonstrate how to enter tricky transactions. Specifically:

· Options for retainers / deposits

· Allocating owner’s time to a job/project

· Daily sales summary

· Bounced checks

· Credit cards with multiple cards

· Write off invoices

· Record donated inventory more


Tips for Setting up & Customizing QuickBooks Online

Speaker(s): Michelle Long

Would you like to learn what to do after converting a QuickBooks desktop company to QuickBooks Online? Do you want to know about tips for setting up & customizing a QuickBooks Online company? Then this session is for you! I’ll demo and we’ll discuss:

· Steps after conversion

· Customization Tips

· And more more