Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Master Cash Flow Without Breaking a Sweat

Speaker(s): Mike Milan

Here’s the thing, cash flow is same for everyone! Just like any skill, once you learn it, it can never be unlearned. If you can do some basic math, then you can learn how to master cash flow. In this session, Cash Flow Mike will teach you several techniques to finding cash flow issues and correcting them. If you want to be invaluable to clients, teach them how to keep more of their own money in their pockets and how to avoid the anxiety associated with not being able to pay bills on time. Believe it or not, focusing on one calculation can be the difference. Attend this session to add cash flow to your client conversations with ease.


Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Compute the amount of money a company needs to operate smoothly using a mathematical formula 
  • Name the driving factors of cash flow issues typically found in small businesses 
  • Explain to a client why they are currently experiencing cash flow struggles and changes they can make to improve their situation 
  • Assess the financial impact and give your client visual proof of their financial performance more


The Rules of Advisory Service

Speaker(s): Mike Milan

With everyone rushing to add advisory services to their offering, many of us just don't know where to start and fear falling behind. Adding advisory services to your offering is a huge undertaking and sometimes requires learning a whole new skill. Let's not forget that business owners have an expectation of what you do, and need to be persuaded to trust this new direction. It's new, it's scary, it's unknown. This session takes some of the stress out of working with your clients by giving you a set of rules to live by. Rules keep us focused. Rules help us understand objectives and rules give you direction. Join Cash Flow Mike, serial entrepreneur, to learn the RULES to make your advisory services successful.

Learning Objective: 

  • Learn the 15 rules that will help you shape your advisory services offering, and bring order to your client conversations.
  • Understand that advisory services is a dynamic relationship based process that spans the length of the client engagement and has a singular focus.
  • Since they are just rules, gain awareness that rules can be bent or broken, often with extraordinary results. more