Are you ready for the most in-depth training for accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs?

Woodard Groups allow accounting professionals and other small business advisors to interact throughout the year at a local level, leading to the development of high impact, long-term professional relationships. In addition to networking opportunities, the local meetings offer in-depth training and the opportunity to cross refer services.

Woodard Groups foster deep, long-term peer relationships between small business advisors and small business owners. By interacting through the year – and at a local level – the professional relationships our members build in local groups are unique and highly dynamic.

san francisco WOODARD GROUP

Group Leader:

David Gutierrez

Meeting Frequency:


Meeting Location:

Varies ( Contact David )


Looking back, as I write this bio for co-leading the SF Woodard Group, I realize that my journey of giving started in my first year of Jr. High. People invited me to share my talents and skills, of which I didn’t even realize I had, and their invites and encouragement started me on what is turning out to be a lifetime of creating opportunities for people to share their skills, talents, and provide their contributions to their communities.

I have been part of, co-founded, and founded almost countless groups and organizations where people are invited to show up and share who they are as a human. Yes,  even in business settings. Sure, I get a lot back by creating and working with others and so it’s a symbiotic life I lead with my colleagues and friends. And, now in this new leg on a lifetime journey commences, so I look forward to working with you, mixing our skills to create that which is bigger and beyond ourselves.

I started CEO Services in 2005 when I first became a ProAdvisor. I am QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certified, been an Enrolled Agent since 2007; Tax Professional licensed by the federal government to represent taxpayers, and am a QuickBooks Solution Provider/Reseller. I am also a Method CRM certified partner since 2012. From 1986 through 2000, I founded and operated, Data Base Technologies, Inc. dba Data Base Design, and guided their expansion to become a worldwide database technology firm. My team and I developed customized databases for most of the fortune 50.

If you’d like help joining a group or finding one close to your location, please let us know.