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To operate efficiently as a bookkeeper or tax preparer, you must maintain access to your clients’ financial systems and financial information. In the past, document fetching features in solutions like Hubdoc and Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) were the primary way to retrieve your clients’ financial information effectively and securely, but these tools are becoming less and less functional as banks, utilities, and other financial institutions are locking down this type of access to their systems.

To solve the problem, many accounting professionals are now storing their client’s passwords in browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge…or worse…in Word/Google Documents, workflow tools, or CRM solutions!

Are you putting yourself and your clients at risk with the way you store their passwords?

Bad actors are increasingly effective at obtaining password information, including scraping email exchanges, text messages, and even VOIP phone conversations. Also, malware on your local computer can locate unencrypted password information and transmit this information to bad actors.


Man in dark suite speaking from a lectern on a stage with a dark blue background.

Joe Woodard


Join Joe Woodard for this powerful online training session to:

  • Explore ways to securely exchange and store login information between you and your clients – including updates to passwords and multi-factor authentication codes
  • Learn key elements of a privacy and data management policy, and strategies to manage adherence to these policies within your practice
  • Discover ways to maximize security with your practice’s cloud document management systems, local computers, and mobile devices
  • …and more!