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The most advanced training conference in accounting

The Scaling New Heights Conference is a unique, technology-centric training experience that also includes practical, cutting-edge professional education. Scaling New Heights fosters networking relationships among the most successful accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants in the country and provides resources that empower these professionals to grow their practices and provide higher levels of value to their clients. 

Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor

Increase Referrals by Accountants and Bookkeepers: Scaling New Heights assembles some of the world's leading and most technology-savvy accountants and bookkeepers!

Engage Practice Leaders: Most of our attendees are practice leaders who have made a significant investment in the advancement of their firms and the adoption of technologies. These individuals frequently interact with one another about the technologies and strategies they use in their practices, which provides a powerful opportunity for peer-to-peer recommendations of your product or service.

Gain an Entry Point into Larger Practices: 25% of attendees are from firms with 10 professionals or more. On the top end of the demographic, over 20% of the top 200 firms in the U.S. regularly attend Scaling New Heights.

Generate Leads: As a Sponsor of Scaling New Heights, you will meet with many of the country’s leading accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants.

Amplify Your Brand: Scaling New Heights offers a globally recognized, premier showplace for your product or service, with branding recognition throughout the conference experience, in pre-conference communications with registrants, through our vast social networks, and on our highly trafficked website visited each year by over 100,000 accountants and bookkeepers.

Partner with Business Coaches: Meet one-on-one with highly intentional advisors who strongly influence the technology buying decisions of their clients.

Grow Your Reseller program: Scaling New Heights is one of the largest on-premises gathering of QuickBooks resellers in the world, and draws resellers of solutions that integrate with QuickBooks! Many of these resellers are looking for solutions to meet the needs of larger businesses and/or specific industries.

Meet Thought Leaders: Scaling New Heights draws many of the profession’s most influential thought leaders who, alongside Joe Woodard, collectively train hundreds of thousands of accountants and bookkeepers each year.

Build Strategic Alliances with Other Developers: Scaling New Heights features over 140 technology solutions, where many are represented by founders and executives. Network with your peers and explore ways to work together throughout the year.

Demonstrate Your Expertise: Many sponsorship options for Scaling New Heights provide an opportunity to deliver breakout sessions, conduct interviews with industry media, and even deliver conference-wide keynotes.



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Key Demographics

Attendee Firm Size

Scaling New Heights attendees come from a variety of firm sizes with 25% of the firms having over 10 professionals. On the top end of the demographic, ten of the largest 100 CPA firms in the country regularly attend the conference. In fact, 20% of the top 300 firms in the country attend Scaling New Heights.

Attendee Client Size

Our attendees support small to medium sized businesses ranging from start-ups to those generating up to $50 million in annual sales. Given the strong participation of the QuickBooks Solution Provider channel, our attendees often support numerous clients in the emerging business market.



of attendees at Scaling New Heights are Owners/Decision makers within the company.

of attendees at Scaling New Heights are from multi-practitioner firms.

of attendees at Scaling New Heights are from firms with fewer than 25 employees.

Attendees by Service Type

* Full-Service CPA Firm
Note: Most attendees are represented in multiple categories above.