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The liberated practice

An 8-Part Online Training Series

Woodard and Intuit QuickBooks have partnered to offer accountants and bookkeepers a provocative, challenging series of online training events during which various industry experts will reassess the definition of “cloud accountancy.” In other words, this series will set the "cloud accountancy" bar as complete, comprehensive, and cloud-based digital transformation for accounting and bookkeeping practices. Per the standard described in this series of online training events, your practice is 100% cloud-powered with a focus not just on the accounting platform you use but the whole of your operations including client data handling, production automation, workforce virtualization, the mobilization of your client interactions…and more!

Part 1 of the series is a keynote address by Joe Woodard called "Accountancy in the Age of Digital Transformation." Parts 2-8 of this series of online training events will include keynote presentations, roundtable discussions, audience Q&A, and panel conversations.

We are excited to work alongside Intuit QuickBooks to bring this fresh challenge to the accounting and bookkeeping professionals!

Part 1 of 8: Accountancy in the Age of Digital Transformation

In this online session – the first in an 8-part series conducted in a cooperative effort between Woodard™ and QuickBooks® – Joe Woodard will present a fresh challenge to the accounting and bookkeeping professions, along with a Woodard-constructed reassessment of “cloud accountancy.”

All "Liberated Practice" sessions require a separate registration.
Registration links will be available two weeks before each event starts.

The upcoming sessions this fall are:

October 26: Part 2
November 1: Part 3
November 8: Part 4

With Four More Sessions Coming this Spring!