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Empowered learning designed to advance your practice, help navigate challenges, and reach your goals through access to highly relevant education, resources, and practice coaching.

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    Navigate challenges, develop systems, maximize efficiencies, and modernize your systems as you build your ideal practice through Woodard's Practice Advancement courses.

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  • Client Advisory Courses


    Become a Woodard Certified Business Coach by developing the skills, the confidence, and the professional distinction you need to coach your clients through 6 key disciplines of advisory.

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Navigate challenges, develop systems, maximize efficiencies, and modernize your systems as you build your ideal practice through Woodard's Practice Advancement courses.

See Course Listings


Become a Woodard Certified Business Coach by developing the skills, the confidence, and the professional distinction you need to coach your clients through 6 key disciplines of advisory.

See Course Listings

View the full list of courses available in:

Practice Advancement Courses

Engineer the highest vision you have for your practice and the harmonization between work and life through Woodard's Practice Advancement courses. Gain skills that will significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your practice and advisory engagements with your clients.

Course Length: 1 Day Overview of Fraud and Forensic Accounting

In this one-day workshop you will learn key concepts, methodologies, and career opportunities in fraud and forensic accounting. Through engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and case studies, participants will gain valuable insights into the world of financial fraud and its mitigation.

Course Length: 1 Day OneNote for Woodard Summit  Leverage the power and accessibility of OneNote to maximize your Summit ROI and prepare your post-conference next-actions and priorities before you even leave the event. 
Course Length: 1 Day Defending Against Email Fraud

Email fraud emerged as the most costly cyber attack, inflicting a staggering $2.4 billion in losses upon US businesses in 2022, as reported by the FBI ICC Annual Report. While AI advancements offer immense potential, they've also opened doors for cybercriminals to execute more sophisticated and convincing attacks. Discover crucial strategies to shield your accounting firm from the rampant rise of email fraud in this one-day class. In a world where cyber threats constantly evolve, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage – it's a necessity.

Course Length: 1 Day Data Security

Accountants that handle sensitive client data are often the target of cybercrimes. This increased risk is supported by evolving regulatory actions including the IRS 4557 guidelines, cyber security mandates, and the state-based introduction of safe harbor laws. How is your firm managing risk in line with these guidelines? Are you IRS 4557 compliant? Explore the eight most common cyber threats to be aware of and outline a holistic approach to cyber security which covers technology, team training and compliance. Understand the risks and learn how to be secure and compliant in today’s cloud-based environment.

Course Length: 3 Weeks Forensic Techniques for Uncovering Financial Fraud

This 3-week course provides participants with an essential understanding of accounting forensics and fraud detection. Participants will develop the skills necessary to recognize red flags, analyze financial data, and contribute to fraud prevention efforts.

Course Length: 4 Weeks Strategic Pricing

Defining the right pricing model is an ever-increasing challenge for bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA firms. Gain the knowledge to effectively and strategically price cyclical bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services in a proven 3-tiered model that allows for standardization of services, scope-creep management, and simplified client billing.

Course Length: 10 Weeks The Ideal Practice

Start your Practice Advancement Journey with this foundational course. Examine seven key areas of your practice to identify gaps, assess current status against defined ideals, and lay out a prioritized, strategic execution plan. This course is for all-size firms from solopreneurs to small firms to client accounting service (CAS) divisions in CPA firms.

Course Length: 10 Weeks Personal and Team Productivity

It is imperative that you find calm in the storm when priorities shift and know how to gather, assess, organize, and prioritize your tasks at hand. With focus and understanding, you can identify the task with the highest return, and see it through from start to finish. Learn how to conquer task overload, achieve and maintain a clean inbox, harmonize work and life, adopt extreme intentionality, and maximize production. This course is for solopreneurs and firms of all sizes.

Course Length: 10 Weeks Marketing Strategies

A solid marketing plan is a roadmap that gives you strategies, costs, and anticipated results. Learn how to create a marketing plan that will take the guesswork out of your efforts and align with your ideal clients at each level of service. Fine-tune your marketing investment through specific measurables to ensure the highest returns. You can realistically aim for a 6-10x return on marketing spend—a high benchmark that is very achievable.

Course Length: 4 Weeks Ideal You Execution Workshop

Having a vision statement for your business—and for your life lays the foundation to reach your goals and future plans. A vision statement is a guiding beacon for when you need to make corrections in order to stay on track to your intended destination. Whether not yet defined or needing to build your current vision into a purpose statement and mission objectives, the Ideal YOU workshop will map out your vision and growth trajectory and explore the story that brought you to where you are today. 

Work with your peers in this group-coached experience to:

- Collaboratively clarify your narrative

- Confirm that your vision statement speaks to your WHY

- Maximize team & client awareness and adoption

- Infuse your vision into your branding, your goals, and your daily work experience.

Course Length: 4 Weeks Ideal Services Execution Workshop

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" What if you could craft your practice around a service that brings wealth to your client while fulfilling your inner passion? Take a reflecting self-inventory of everything you know and identify your natural strengths and the talents that fill your cup. Learn to infuse this calling into the services within your practice in alignment with your Vision, Mission, and Purpose, with clear and communicative value for your clients, and that empowers you to lean in, grow, and take ownership of the outcomes. This Ideal Services Workshop pushes you across the finish line on this challenging goal. 

Work with your peers in this coached experience to:

- Collaboratively clarify your ideal services 

- Craft them into a tiered pricing model

- Build a scalable, sellable practice

- Create a transition plan from your current services to your ideal services.

Course Length: 4 Weeks Ideal Client Execution Workshop

What percentage of your clients would you consider "ideal"?  If your answer is anything less than 100%, or you're not sure what your definition of an ideal client is, or perhaps you can't say "no" to new clients that aren't ideal, then you're in the right place.

In this course, you will define exactly what your ideal client looks like into a profile that encompasses niche, target market, personality and leadership styles, and most importantly, alignment with your vision.  You'll use tools to score your current client base against your ideals and develop a plan to curate your base to perfection.  Achieving the ideal client base is one thing, but maintaining that ideal takes intention and dedication. By creating a maintenance plan, you will be able to surgically craft an ongoing ideal client base that aligns with your vision, provides the revenue you desire, and makes each and every day a great day to go to work.

Course Length: 4 Weeks Ideal Technology Execution Workshop
What's all the hullabaloo about having a defined tech stack? If you find yourself learning or supporting software for a single client, discovering that your team members are using different apps for the same thing, or noticing that you're entering the same information in multiple applications, then this workshop is for you! Join us for 4 weeks of technology deep dive to learn how to craft the Ideal Technology Stack for your practice.
Course Length: 4 Weeks Ideal Business Processes Execution Workshop

Do you realize that having a solid SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) resource can add upwards of 30% to the value of your practice?  It also facilitates a more streamlined team, consistent delivery to your clients, easier onboarding for new team members, and greater opportunity for automation throughout your business.  

In this workshop, you will create an organizational structure to contain process documentation, explore & share your experience around technologies designed to manage workflow, and learn the key factors required to develop and maintain a powerful process inventory resource. 

Join us in this Ideal BUSINESS PROCESS workshop to get a jump start on this challenging goal.  

Client Advisory Courses

This Certified Business Coach Program provides you with the skills, confidence, and support to coach your clients through the following six key disciplines of advisory: Financial, Operational, Management, Technology, Knowledge, and Succession. Help your clients discover wealth in more ways than just financial, such as a company’s reputation, culture, infrastructure, and technology. Learn to foster an improved state of mind, work/life harmonization, and enhanced leadership skills for those you work with.

Course length: 1 Day Financial Measurements Essentials

Creating an effective financial report package for your client can be challenging. This course will enable you to identify key data points your clients find most valuable and to create essential metrics that are easily monitored within an accessible dashboard. Discover a new way to value your services in a sustainable model that allows you to scale your practice.

Course length: 1 Day Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable management is the most important contributor to incoming cash flow, often representing over 40% of current assets for many small to medium-sized companies. This course will equip you to pull your clients back from this dangerous precipice into the safety zone. Learn how to manage your clients' A/R, improve cash flow, and mitigate bad debt so you can provide your bookkeeping clients with a whole new type of conversation—and perhaps open the door to advisory.

Course length: 1 Day Cash Flow Management

Managing cash is the lifeblood of every business, whether just starting out, growing, or declining. When your clients understand the critical nature of cash management, they will look to you for guidance, tools, and support. This course will educate and equip you with critical and essential cash flow concepts that every business needs to maximize profits in a simple, yet powerful way.

Course length: 10 Weeks Operational Advisory The Operational Advisory course lays out the fundamental components of a successful advisory engagement. Learn to advise business owners in how to operate a small business; from client discovery and strategic planning to coaching through plan execution. Offer your clients a roadmap to an intentional, vision-driven, well-oiled machine.
Course length: 10 Weeks Management Advisory

Management advisory empowers businesses to form effective teams, enhance employee performance, clearly define roles and responsibilities, foster accountability, and build distinctive company culture. Learn to deploy the processes, tools, and strategies to expand your advisory services and guide your clients to intentionally lead and manage their businesses.

Course length: 10 Weeks Technology Advisory

Navigating a technology landscape can be intimidating for all involved. As a Technology Advisor, clients will rely on you to help create a strategic technology plan, orchestrate resources through key milestones of deployment, usage, and management, and ensure proper data security protection and policies are implemented. Within this course, you'll learn how to perform a comprehensive evaluation of clients’ technology, identify the gaps, and connect them with the proper resources to upgrade, implement, and optimize their tech stack.

Course length: 10 Weeks Financial Advisory

Most business owners lack the financial insights they need to make wise business decisions. As you complete bookkeeping cycles, it is a natural continuation of your services to assist your client in understanding their business better through these financial insights. Within this course, you will learn key skills and best practices to be an outstanding financial coach, how to understand clients' financial mindset and profit mentality, how to harvest key financial indicators using specific reports and metrics, and how to guide growth decisions using projective “what-if” scenarios.

Course length: 10 Weeks Succession Advisory
This course serves as a vital addition to your Client Advisory expertise, particularly with the upcoming wave of Boomers and Gen-Xers nearing retirement. You will learn the key elements of an effective Succession Plan for your client's business, and an Exit Plan that paves the path for the business owner to achieve post-exit financial freedom and peace of mind. You will guide your clients to effectively monitor and optimize their businesses' value, and to explore the strategic measures your clients can employ to significantly enhance their businesses' worth and appeal to potential buyers.

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