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Drive Your Outcomes Faster with a Dedicated Business Coach

Working with a business coach will help you expand your practice more quickly and successfully than you could on your own.

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Work with a Woodard Business Coach to Maximize Your Potential

Running a business can be difficult, but working with a business coach will give you the necessary perspective, strategy, accountability, and capacity to achieve your company goals.


A Woodard business coach helps you define the gaps between where you are and where you want to take your practice.  


Your Woodard coach leads you through a proven framework to create a strategic plan enabling you to successfully execute against the goals you’ve set.


Accomplish more than you ever thought possible when you have a Woodard business coach by your side.  With your Woodard coach, you learn how to prioritize your goals and actions without feeling overwhelmed or helpless. 

You will increase your bandwidth by understanding what needs to be done by you, what can be automated, and what can be delegated.


''Woodard really helped us build a business that we can sell. Since we've been doing work with Woodard, we have consistently grown our gross sales by 38%. Every year.''

Gayle Goldman,
Co-Founder | Thrive Business Services

''I just want to thank you, because working with my coach has been wonderful and this was exactly the help I needed. So often people complain when something isn’t working right. And trust me, I am not shy about doing the same. However, I feel it equally important for companies to know when they are getting something right and doing an exceptional job as well.''

Nancy Jacobson,
CEO | Xtended Financial Resources

''I started back in May 2020. And I never looked back. Woodard’s coaching has given me the resources, the tools, and the technology to provide better client services and boosted my confidence in seeking and winning new clients. ''

Benita Monglona,
Owner | Manglona CPA PC


Learn From Actual, Experienced Accounting Professionals

Woodard's Business coaches are distinctively different. Our coaches are seasoned accounting professionals with real-world experience. Their 100+ years of combined experience will help you navigate any and all conceptual and practical difficulties you encounter.


Build a Customized Strategic Plan For Your Unique Needs

Every company is unique. By leveraging the Woodard framework and working with our knowledgeable coaches, you will develop a custom strategic plan to achieve your desired outcomes.

Coaching Backed by Training, Events, and Community

Receive unlimited access to best-in-class practice advancement and client advisory courses, experience in-depth training events, and engage with our thriving, highly intentional community of cutting-edge accounting and bookkeeping professionals.


Advance your practice, navigate challenges, and reach your goals through unlimited access to practice advancement and client advisory courses.

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Members access free and discounted registrations to Scaling New Heights and Woodard Summit, two world-renowned on-premises events.

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Woodard has an exclusive community of leading accounting professionals that you can interact with through courses, town halls, weekly roundtables, and in private Yammer groups.  

Meet Our Coaches

With over 100+ years of combined experience, our seasoned coaches are ready to work with you and help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Heather Satterley

Practice Advancement Coach

Heather Satterley is the Director of Education of Media at Woodard. She has over 25 years of experience in the accounting profession, starting as a helper in her CPA mother’s office, ticking and tying Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets, and battling with carbon paper. After a brief stint as an actress and aspiring rock star, Heather discovered her own accounting superpowers and went on to move up through the professional ranks, starting as a bookkeeper and eventually earning her CPA certificate at age 50 once she attained her master’s degree in Innovation from Northeastern University.  

Heather’s passion for helping others and her love for technology have shaped her career in public accounting. Her affinity for facilitating change within an organization is paramount to her work helping businesses design and automate their business processes using cutting-edge technologies.  Heather wholeheartedly believes in the power of community and the magic that is created when people work together toward the same purpose.  
In addition to her work with Woodard, Heather is the co-host of The Appy Hour with Liz and Heather, a webinar series devoted to demystifying the world of technology and apps in the accounting profession. She is also the co-creator and producer of Appy Hour Camp, a collaborative retreat experience created to connect and nurture the relationship between accounting professional educators and software developers.  
Heather was named a categorical top 10 ProAdvisor in 2017 and 2019 and was listed as one of the top influential people in accounting by Accounting Today in 2019.

Patricia Hendrix

Practice Advancement Coach

Patricia Hendrix is the Senior Vice President of Community at Woodard and Producer of Woodard’s Reality Style Case Study project, “Tech Makeover". With over 28 years of experience at the helm of an accounting practice and specializing in QuickBooks and QB-Ecosystem products, Patricia leads a team of mentors at Woodard that provide practice and professional transformation to small business advisors to optimize their practice and improve their advisory skills through structured community learning, mentorship and accountability.

Patricia also leads an elite team of mentors in Woodard's Premium Program, a top tier mentoring program with highly structured leadership and executables designed to create significant wealth, balance and productivity for their clients in a direct mentor-to-leadership environment.

Patricia has been Certified and Advanced Certified in QuickBooks since Intuit's QuickBooks ProAdvisor program began, and was the first to receive the Master Certification from the National Advisor Network. As well as being rated a "TOP 100 Advisor" by Insightful Accountant for 4 consecutive years, she is the founder and CEO of Ten Key Business Solutions, Inc, a 10-year veteran of Vistage International and a forever student of leadership, business management, parenting, and overall life management through spiritual awareness and the uplifting empowerment of others.

Lamont Nesbitt

Practice Advancement Coach

Lamont joined Woodard's coaching team in 2022, he has a passion for helping business owners see, believe, and achieve their business and personal goals through intentional actions and relationships. Having better financials has always lent itself as a gateway to him helping clients with their whole business for the last 20+ years. Be prepared to answer when your last day off was. He has very strong beliefs about all work and no play.

Debbie Dangerfield

Practice Advancement Coach

Debbie is the Controller at Woodard and Practice Advancement Coach.  She joined Woodard in 2022 after running a successful QuickBooks and Xero accounting, bookkeeping, coaching, and training practice. Following the leadership of Woodard training and coaching, Debbie was able to transform her business to increase revenue by 25% annually within a year, while maintaining profitability.  During this year, she helped two of her largest clients with successful sales of their businesses.  She has been Certified and Advanced Certified in QuickBooks since the program began.  She has trained several years at the Georgia Organics Conference, leading the organic fruit and vegetable farm industry to better accounting and farm management. 

With a background in inventory management and QuickBooks setup, Debbie was a leader with farmer Susan Shaw in developing a system to track not only vegetable and fruit sales for gross profit, but also a system within QuickBooks and Xero that meets the impending food safety requirements being implemented by the USDA.  In addition, she has served as Controller to an 11-clinic and 3-surgery center medical practice in the Athens, Georgia area.  Finally, her vast experience includes having set up a large 12-store chain on a leading-edge computerized accounting system when most retail accounting was on paper ledgers. 

Debbie believes in giving back to her community.  She is active in the local Ruritan Club that helps provide and promote scholarships for students in the trades.  She likes to continue to participate in activities that lead to her personal vision – to feed the world healthy food.  When she’s not busy crushing business goals, you can find her enjoying the Blue Ridge mountains and quilting. 

Joe Woodard

Practice Advancement Coach

As an author, consultant, business coach, and national speaker, Joe has trained over 125,000 accounting and business professionals in areas of practice development, changing technology trends, strategic consulting, and how to maximize the use of accounting software in their practices.

Joe founded Woodard Events, LLC (aka Woodard™) a training and resource organization for accounting professions that provides education, community, and coaching offerings through onsite training events, virtual training events, and intensive, coach-led practice advancement courses. Joe is the host of one of the world's leading training conferences for accountants and bookkeepers called Scaling New Heights®. For every year since 2014, Joe has been recognized by Accounting Today as one of the Top 100 Influential People within the accounting profession.

Joe regularly publishes articles for numerous news sources and media organizations that service the accounting profession, including The Woodard Report, the media arm of Woodard™ that reaches over 100,000 readers each year. 

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