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We provide nationally renowned webinars for accountants and bookkeepers on a wide range of topics designed to empower you to better support your small business clients. Some of the most recent webinars are shown below.

Less is More Webinar Graphic
this webinar took place in September 2023

Less is More: Fewer Clients...More Profit...Bliss!

Register today to join Joe Woodard as he introduces a "Less is More" approach focused on measuring success by client outcomes, sustainable workloads, and increased profits. During this impactful session, you'll learn how to identify and eliminate non-ideal clients, boost profits with existing clients, and attract less price-sensitive businesses. If you're feeling overwhelmed by tax and accounting deadlines, there's a solution to reduce stress and improve your practice. Don't miss this opportunity for a more sustainable and profitable accounting journey.

Past Webinars

Some of our past webinars are listed below. Handouts for our most recent webinars are available for a limited time. Recordings of ALL past webinars, along with their handouts, are available to Woodard members.

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The Future in Your Hands ChatGPT and AI in Accounting (7)
This webinar took place in August

The Future in Your Hands:
ChatGPT and AI in Accounting

Join Heather Satterley and Michelle L. Long in a groundbreaking 60-minute webinar hosted by Woodard as they delve into the transformative synergy of AI and ChatGPT within the accounting domain.
This session offers practical insights, industry expertise, and hands-on demonstrations to empower participants with actionable strategies and innovative ideas, catering to both AI newcomers and those seeking to deepen their knowledge. Michelle's QuickBooks proficiency and commitment to accountants' growth provide a unique perspective on technology implementation, while Heather's innovation prowess brings a fresh approach to optimization.


Webinar Series

The Liberated Practice Series

At this point in the 21st century, the case is closed on the cloud. Practically everyone in every developed country in the world has accepted the prevailing and pervasive presence of the cloud in their lives and businesses.

Woodard and Intuit QuickBooks® have partnered to offer accountants and bookkeepers a provocative, challenging, 8-part series of online training events during which various industry experts will reassess the definition of “cloud accountancy.”

Discover what it looks like to be 100% cloud-powered with a focus not just on the accounting platform you use, but the whole of your operations including client data handling, production automation, workforce virtualization, the mobilization of your client interactions…and more!


Streamline Your Workflow

As an accounting professional, documenting your processes is essential for maintaining accuracy and compliance. However, it can be a time-consuming and tedious task, especially when done manually. In this webinar, we will show you how to leverage technology to easily document your processes, saving you time and increasing efficiency. You'll learn how to create a process documentation framework, identify key processes to document, and utilize technology tools to streamline the process.

webinar-lets not do that again

Let's Not Do That Again!

As accountants and professional bookkeepers emerge from the “busy season,” Joe Woodard is leading a discussion on how to look within to reconcile workloads and determine what is driving the pivot from seasonal workload increases (sane) to 12-hour workdays, weekend work, frustrated clients, and burned-out employees (insane).  

This webinar took place in March 2023

Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?

In 2020, Woodard's webinar "Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?" sparked controversy and attracted a large audience. The answer at the time was "No," as QBD could still be viable when hosted in the cloud and used with cloud-based apps. Three years later, the question is being revisited in a new webinar. The webinar will offer an objective evaluation of Intuit's objectives for QuickBooks Desktop and assess its viability in a cloud-centric world. It will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of clients staying with QuickBooks Desktop and offer strategies for overcoming obstacles to transitioning to QB Online/Xero.

ordering your onboarding

Ordering Your Onboarding: Strategies for Folding New Clients Into Your Practice

Most accounting and bookkeeping practices are heavily focused on the accuracy and timeliness of their services for existing clients. Though this is understandable – and noble – surprisingly, few also provide the same level of attention to the client onboarding processes.

tax prep plus
this webinar took place November 2022

Tax Prep Plus: A New, Revolutionary Model For The Tax Practitioner

Over the past year we have perfected a model we call "Tax Prep Plus," a slate of value-infused services that clients will embrace, that are manageable for you to deliver, and that are in keeping with your existing brand as a tax practitioner.

Document Deadlock

The Document Deadlock

Source documents, and other forms of business information, are the life blood of accountancy – essential to services like tax preparation, attestation, bookkeeping, and advisory. In today’s modern, cloud-first business environment, this problem should technically be solved (yes…intended double entendre). However, if you are like most accounting professionals, the “document deadlock” is creating extreme friction in your practice, straining client relationships, cutting into profits, and frustrating everyone in your practice

Insanity (800 × 419 px)-2
The webinar took place October 2022

End The Insanity: Engineering A Workable Year-End and Tax Time

For most accountants and bookkeepers, year-end – and the subsequent tax season – is the most stressful time of the year. Stress is unavoidable. However, when your year's end and tax season becomes insane, you must look within to determine what is driving the pivot from seasonal workload increases (sane) to 12-hour workdays, weekend work, and burnout (insane)

This webinar took place July 2022

Why Your Clients Don't Value Your Services

Accountants and bookkeepers often have under-valued, reactionary, and strained relationships with their clients. This positioning of client relationships reduces your perceived value proposition to one of commodity (even utility), where the client views you as nothing more than a compliance officer and record keeper.

The answer? Present yourself as the curator and interpreter of valuable business information, the generator of increased financial visibility, and the protector of the client’s business. Simply put…shift the client’s thinking about you and your role from expenditure to asset.

This webinar took place June 2022

I Can't See

Accountants and bookkeepers are faced with client management and production challenges that leave them feeling as though they are traveling through a maze while blindfolded. Most of these problems stem from failed client interactions, inaccessibility to management reporting, and insufficient document management practices. But, whatever the cause, the result is the same. Most accountants and bookkeepers are challenged and frustrated with the performance of accounting and bookkeeping services.

This webinar took place may 2022

Zero Entry Bookkeeping

Over the past decade, the bookkeeping profession has enjoyed a deluge of exciting new technologies, most of which are designed to reduce, or even eliminate, the manual bookkeeping process. However, this unprecedented opportunity to modernize bookkeeping comes with challenges:

  • Some solutions over promise and under deliver
  • Solutions that work as promised often don’t integrate well with certain accounting platforms
  • Some solutions are difficult to adopt and cost-prohibitive to deploy and…
  • Some solutions don’t scale well for your larger clients
This webinar took place April 2022

The Huge Client

All bookkeepers and accountants have THOSE clients – the few mid-market businesses (or just one) that emerged from within the client base or came to you as an outlier – a client that is different, larger, and more complex than the normal book of business. The question is not do you have at least one of these “huge clients.” Most do. The question is not if you can support “huge clients.” You already are!

This webinar took place January 2022

Securing Client Data

To solve the problem, many accounting professionals are now storing their client’s passwords in browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge…or worse…in Word/Google Documents, workflow tools, or CRM solutions!

Bad actors are increasingly effective at obtaining password information, including scraping email exchanges, text messages, and even VOIP phone conversations. Also, malware on your local computer can locate unencrypted password information and transmit this information to bad actors.

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