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Build an Ideal Bookkeeping or Stand-Alone CAS Practice

Generate capacity. | Price to your value. | Build the practice you want.

Meet with a Practice Expert


Deploy Woodard's proven framework for building the ideal practice so you can create efficient, streamlined processes, work with the right customers, employ the best teams, and build a highly profitable practice.

Ideal You (Brand)

Tell the "story" of your practice by discovering and casting your vision and unique value proposition and mature your vision into a "brand promise" that informs your strategy, motivates your team, and elevates your client relationships around your highest value services.

Ideal Services

Deploy a tiered slate of services that are aligned with your mission, foster higher-impact engagements, maximize revenues, differentiate your practice and provide a unique value proposition to your clients.

Ideal Clients

Build a practice comprised of coachable, value-focused clients who represent your target market, benefit from your expertise and for whom you can drive transformative, wealth-generating outcomes.

Ideal Technology

Design and deploy a suite of technologies within your practice to operate your practice, manage workflows, store documents, modernize client experience, and automate productions.  

Ideal Processes

Implement standardized processes to increase efficiencies, reduce errors, scale operations, empower team members, and provide a consistency of client deliverables throughout your team.

Ideal Engagements

Issue effective client agreements and engagement management strategies to set boundaries, protect scope, communicate expectations on deliverables, and reduce frictions in client relationships.

Ideal Team(s)

Foster a vision-driven culture that motivates team members, rewards excellence, provides clearly defined roles, maximizes productions, and fosters accountability.

''Without Woodard there is no growth. As a small practice, I use Woodard to be my backbone to keep my practice growing. Woodard is a go to for any small practice - For your technology needs for your growth needs and for your knowledge needs''

Scott Pernaa,
Founder | CPA PC

''I get a fresh perspective from someone who understands and knows what it takes to build a practice while still juggling all that life has to throw at you.''

Nancy Jacobson,
Xtended Financial Resources

''You don't have to run your business alone, even if you're the sole owner. Woodard has given me exactly what I need to bring my firm, my team, and my life to the next level.''

Beth Whitworth,
Accounting Solutions Group of St. Louis

Practice Empowerment Programs

Experience in-depth education, engage with highly experienced practice coaches, explore cutting-edge technologies, and enjoy a wide range of virtual resources, all designed specifically for bookkeeping and CAS practices.


Work with a dedicated coach throughout the year to build a dynamic and strategic practice plan and execute that plan with expert-level guidance and accountability.


Woodard's educational programs include on premises events like the annual Scaling New Heights conference as well as a wide range of virtual events like webinars. 


Get access to a community of industry-leading peers to share ideas and tips, cross-refer specialized services, exchange technical information, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.


Watch, listen and read! We offer free, powerful resources designed specifically for accounting professionals like The Woodard Report, The Woodard Report Podcast and our video case study called "Tech Makeover."


Engage Woodard's CAS experts to modernize operations, create efficiencies, upskill team members, and enhance advisory outcomes.

Accelerate Your Journey to the Ideal Practice

Explore ways to work with Woodard's elite team of practice coaches, receive best-in-class education, and interact with your peers...all available with a Woodard Membership