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Advance Your Bookkeeping Practice

Create capacity, price to value, and generate wealth by implementing Woodard’s Ideal Practice Model.

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Implement Woodard’s Ideal Practice Model

Learn a proven framework for building the ideal bookkeeping practice so you can create efficient, streamlined processes, work with the right customers, employ the best teams, and live the life you want.

Match Your Price To Your Value

Don't give your services away! Learn a proven framework for building the ideal bookkeeping practice so you can create efficient, streamlined processes, work with the right customers, employ the best teams, and live the life you want.  

Optimize Your Technology

Woodard will help you understand how to evaluate the right technology tools for your business and your clients so you can standardize, modernize, and automate.  Woodard partners with leading solution providers in the accounting space so you have the very best technology at your disposal.  

Expand with Advisory Services

Master six core disciplines of Advisory, so you can provide the ideal services to your ideal clients and expand your expertise to lead in the space.  Woodard courses cover Financial, Management, Operational, Technology, Knowledge, and Succession Advisory.    

Standardize your Processes and Procedures.

When you streamline your processes and procedures, you provide a consistent client experience, set the foundation to scale, generate more value in your practice, and build and nurture a stronger team.  

''Without Woodard there is no growth. As a small practice, I use Woodard to be my backbone to keep my practice growing. Woodard is a go to for any small practice - For your technology needs for your growth needs and for your knowledge needs''

Scott Pernaa,
Founder | CPA PC

'' It's really unlike any other program or education that I've ever gotten. The big part is that they give you the tools to set future intentions. And I believe that when you set an intention, you make choices in life that bring you to that goal''

Angel Przybylowicz,
Founder | AP Keeping, LLC

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Why Achieve the Ideal Practice Model

For over ten years, Woodard has worked with hundreds of bookkeeping practices, crafting effective methods to coach you through the adoption of the Ideal Practice Model. By guiding you through pricing to value, standardizing typical accounting services, extending into "Bookkeeping Plus" services, and ultimately providing Client Advisory Services, Woodard provides the framework for the transition from a production worker to a knowledge worker.


Access Through Membership

Through your membership, you are part of a thriving community of bookkeeping professionals and Woodard coaches who are there with you to provide the support, accountability, and strategies to advance your practice.

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Gain unlimited access to best-in-class practice advancement and client advisory courses, engage with practice coaches, experience in-depth training events, and enjoy a wide range of virtual resources designed for our thriving, highly intentional community of cutting-edge practices.


Work with a dedicated coach throughout the year to build a dynamic and strategic practice plan and execute that plan with expert-level guidance and accountability.


Enjoy unlimited practice advancement and client advisory courses. Build a scalable business model, conquer task overload, modernize technology, build high-performing teams, and more.


Get access to a community of industry-leading peers to share ideas and tips, cross-refer specialized services, exchange technical information, and collaborate amongst like-minded professionals.


Watch, listen and read! We offer free, powerful resources designed specifically for bookkeeping practices. You can earn FREE CPE by participating in Woodard Webinars.

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