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Become an elite Advisor as a Woodard Certified Business Coach

Set yourself apart as an expert Advisor and peer leader with your credentials as a Woodard Certified Business Coach. Through this certification, you learn to master at least three disciplines of Advisory while actively implementing with a client.

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Woodard Certified Business Coach

Validation of your Expertise
Your Coaching Badge Matters

With the Woodard Certified Business Coach designation, you will receive a badge that you can use to validate the knowledge you have learned through the program.  Your clients and peers will know you have the skill level in the disciplines of Advisory you offer as services.  


Challenge your Professional Growth
Learn new disciplines of Advisory

The path to certification provides you with a standard and a goal to strive for and accomplish. Challenge yourself by mastering all six disciplines of Advisory.   

Increase Client Lifetime Value
Lengthen your client advisory engagements

When you broaden your capabilities in Advisory, you open yourself up to more substantial and enduring advisory engagements with your clients. Once that happens, you'll build trust and provide more services to them, increasing their lifetime value to you. Not only does this benefit you and your practice, your client gets valued service from someone who knows their business.

Special Recognition
Stand out at Woodard Events

As a Woodard Certified Business Coach, you get recognized in front of your peers for your accomplishments both on the mainstage at Scaling New Heights and Woodard Summit.  

''I have tried several other mentoring programs that did not resonate with me. Since joining the program, I have aligned my values with my practice, adopted processes and systems that make my practice more efficient, reduced the number of clients I serve while increasing my gross revenues. ''

Michelle Austell Lee,
Founder | M Austell Accounting & Advisory Services LLC

''Woodard really helped us build a business that we can sell. Since we've been doing work with Woodard, we have consistently grown our gross sales by 38%. Every year.''

Gayle Goldman,
Co-Founder | Thrive Business Services

''It's a fulfilling environment. You don't feel alone and out there as a business owner. And you just you learn a lot from your coach and peers, and you get the encouragement that you need to go forward.''

Amy Williamson,
CFO | AP Keeping, LLC

online courses
Requirements for Certification

Advisory Courses

With six disciplines of advisory available, you must complete three of the six client advisory courses in order to qualify for the Certified Woodard Business Coach designation.
client engagement
Requirements for Certification

Client Engagement

The client advisory courses are developed so you can walk a real-live client through concepts from each of the advisory course.  This will ensure you master the content and successfully deliver upon the outcomes of each course. You must have client engagements in three of the six disciplines to earn your certification.

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