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Build an Ideal CAS Practice

Modernize, Automate, Standardize, and Scale

Meet with a Practice Expert


Engage Woodard to deploy a profitable and scalable CAS practice by optimizing technologies, modernizing client interactions, automating productions, standardizing processes, increasing profitability, and upskilling CAS workers.

Ideal You (Brand)

Tell the "story" of your practice by discovering and casting your vision and unique value proposition and maturing your vision into a "brand promise" that informs your strategy, motivates your team, and elevates your client relationships around your highest value services.

Ideal Services

Deploy a tiered slate of services that are aligned with your mission, foster higher-impact engagements, maximize revenues, differentiate your practice, are synergistic with your corporate tax offerings, and provide a unique value proposition to your clients.

Ideal Clients

Build a practice comprised of coachable, value-focused clients who represent your target market, benefit from your expertise, and for whom you can drive transformative, wealth-generating outcomes through advisory services.

Ideal Technology

Design and deploy a suite of technologies within your CAS practice to track capacity, manage workflows, share documents, modernize client experiences, and automate productions.  

Ideal Processes

Implement standardized processes to increase efficiencies, reduce errors, scale operations, empower team members, and provide a consistency of client deliverables throughout your team.

Ideal Engagements

Issue effective client agreements and engagement management strategies to set boundaries, protect scope, communicate expectations on deliverables, and reduce frictions in client relationships.

Ideal Team(s)

Foster a vision-driven culture that draws talent to your firm, reduces human resource turnover, motivates team members, rewards excellence, provides clearly defined roles, maximizes productions, and fosters accountability.

''When we first engaged with Woodard, our CAAS practice was growing but not reaching its full potential. However, with Woodard's assistance, we've seen remarkable improvements across all areas of our practice.''

Barry Brown,
MSTiller LLC

''Deb Defer, from Woodard Consulting, has been a breath of fresh air to help us transform our CAAS practice. Her expertise, dedication, and innovative approach have revitalized our team, bringing new energy and efficiency to our operations.''

Murry Guy,
Machen McChesney LLP

''The team at Woodard has been invaluable to us in automating tasks and implementing a practice management software. While we are not a traditional accounting firm, they were fantastic at applying their knowledge, skills and expertise to an adjacent sector. ''

Cassie Tinsmon,
Katz Compliance LLC

Alive & Advising Survey

Obtain a Pulse Score of your CAS (Client Advisory Services) Practice

The dynamic nature of CAS (Client Advisory Services) and the importance of having a viable and profitable practice is critical in today's landscape.  By completing this survey, Woodard will provide you with a Pulse Score and key areas we recommend your firm should prioritize.  CAS is the fastest growing revenue line in the accounting profession and Woodard has the expertise to help your firm navigate the terrain.                                   

Practice Empowerment Programs

Engage Woodard's CAS experts to assess, design and deploy the Ideal Practice Model within your firm. Woodard's programs also include education (virtual and on-premises), coaching, technology exploration, and peer-to-peer communities...all designed specifically for CAS practices.


Engage Woodard's CAS experts to modernize operations, create efficiencies, upskill team members, and enhance advisory outcomes.


Woodard's educational programs include on premises events like the annual Scaling New Heights conference as well as a wide range of virtual events like webinars. 


Work with a dedicated coach throughout the year to build a dynamic and strategic practice plan and execute that plan with expert-level guidance and accountability.


Get access to a community of industry-leading peers to share ideas and tips, cross-refer specialized services, exchange technical information, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Resources Watch, listen and read! We offer free, powerful resources designed specifically for accounting professionals like The Woodard Report, The Woodard Report Podcast and our video case study called "Tech Makeover." 

Accelerate Your Journey to the Ideal Practice

Explore ways to work with Woodard's elite team of consultants. We’ll work to uncover and understand your pain points so you can achieve your goals.