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Membership To Fit Your Journey

No matter which membership plan you choose, our proven framework of coaching, education, resources, and community is designed to bring value to your practice.

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Membership Levels


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Self-Directed: Adopt Woodard's Ideal Practice Model through access to our community, courseware and facilitator-led virtual content.
  • All-Access to Woodard Courses
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Joe Woodard’s Monthly Town Hall
  • Virtual Learning Library
  • Weekly Practice Advancement Roundtables
  • Scaling New Heights - Included
  • Woodard Summit - 25% Discount


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Coached: Participate in group coaching to implement Woodard's Ideal Practice Model with focus and intentionality.
  • All-Access to Woodard Courses
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Joe Woodard’s Monthly Town Hall
  • Virtual Learning Library
  • Weekly Practice Advancement Roundtables
  • Scaling New Heights - Included
  • Woodard Summit - 50% Discount
  • Execution Workshops
  • Group Coaching Sessions


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Guided: Drive practice outcomes with a dedicated coach, customized strategies, and ongoing accountability.
  • All-Access to Woodard Courses
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • Joe Woodard's Monthly Town Hall
  • Virtual Learning Library
  • Weekly Practice Advancement Roundtables
  • Scaling New Heights - Included
  • Woodard Summit - Included
  • Execution Workshops
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • Dedicated Practice Coach

Generate wealth for both you and your clients

Woodard delivers a proven framework for you and your team to create capacity, price to value, standardize processes, and provide six areas of advisory so you and your clients generate wealth.

Create Capacity

The staffing shortage has caused major strains on current practices. With Woodard, you can learn how to be more productive to get the work done and find resources to assist you with your bookkeeping production needs.

Price to Your Value

Gain the knowledge to effectively and strategically price cyclical bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services in a proven 3-tiered model that allows for standardization of services, scope-creep management, and simplified client billing.


When you streamline your processes and procedures, you provide a consistent client experience, set the foundation to scale, generate more value in your practice, and build and nurture a stronger team.

Offer Advisory

The Woodard Membership provides you with the skills, confidence, and support to expand your services and coach your clients through financial advisory engagements. 

''I have tried several other mentoring programs that did not resonate with me. Since joining the program, I have aligned my values with my practice, adopted processes and systems that make my practice more efficient, reduced the number of clients I serve while increasing my gross revenues. ''

Michelle Austell Lee,
Founder | M Austell Accounting & Advisory Services LLC

''Without Woodard there is no growth. As a small practice, I use Woodard to be my backbone to keep my practice growing. Woodard is a go to for any small practice - For your technology needs for your growth needs and for your knowledge needs''

Scott Pernaa,
Founder | CPA PC

What Membership Gets You

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All-Access To Woodard Courses

Enjoy unlimited practice advancement and client advisory courses. 

Monthly Town Hall Experience a virtual, high-impact, and interactive meeting with Joe Woodard. 
Woodard Summit You and a small group will get exclusive access to a  highly interactive retreat where you will work directly with coaches and your peers to build a strategic practice plan to execute throughout the coming year.
Exclusive Online Community

Join and interact with our community of industry-leading peers to share ideas, cross-refer specialized services, exchange technical information, and share tips and tricks.

Virtual Learning Library Leverage an extensive library of valuable, on-demand education. Watch any of Woodard's webinars and virtual training sessions at your own pace.

Scaling New Heights Your membership level includes a pass to one of the best accounting conferences in the U.S., where you can receive in-depth education, explore technology innovations, enjoy world-class main-stage experiences, and build friendships that last a lifetime.
Weekly Roundtables

Advance your practice with a weekly peer-to-peer facilitated roundtable discussion designed for accountability, collaboration, and traction for your practice.  

Monthly Group Coaching Session Meet with a practice coach in a group setting, with an Advantage Membership, once per month to work on specific needs, problems, or goals for your practice.
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Dedicated Practice Coach Reach your full potential with a Premium Membership by working with a dedicated coach throughout the year to build a dynamic and strategic practice plan and execute that plan with guidance and accountability.
Execution Workshops Execution Workshops are coached, strategic sessions for small groups to drill down deep into incremental topics covered in a course to help you gain traction towards execution of the concept within your practice or with your clients.

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Become a member and gain access to our best-in-class practice advancement and client advisory courses, engage with practice coaches, experience in-depth training events, and more!