about the remote attendee experience

As a remote attendee, you will participate fully in the Scaling New Heights experience from the comfort of your home or office. Remote attendees enjoy 100% live participation, following the same schedule as the on-premise attendees.

How does it work? Multiple “news crews” will be deployed throughout the conference acting as your eyes, ears, and mouth. You will have the option of switching between the crews to select your location within the conference center as you interact with the news crew through a chat interface. As your proxy at the conference, the crew will:

  • Share your observations with other remote attendees
  • Attend breakouts and ask questions of instructors on your behalf
  • Visit booths on the exhibit floor to ask questions and give feedback to exhibitors
  • Chat with other attendees prior to main stage and breakout sessions as well as in hallways

Video - remote attendee experience

Joe Woodard, host of Scaling New Heights, walks you through the remote attendee experience in this 20 minute video.



Remote Attendee Options


UNIQUE ADVANTAGES to the remote experience

Less Physically Taxing

No Steps

"Teleport" throughout the conference.

Take Power Naps

Is the conference in a room transition break? Nap time!

Sleep in Your Own Bed

Our hotel is a Marriott flagship property...but nothing beats your own bed!

More Work-Life Harmonized


Eat dinner with friends/family and still make an "appearance" at the evening socials.

More Time at Home

Cut travel days from your conference investment (4.5 days instead of 6!).

Take the Conference With You

Enjoy our mobile-friendly environment anywhere.

Enhanced Learning From Your Own Computer

Enhanced Note Taking

Enjoy OneNote (or Evernote) without searching for power outlets.

Capture More Information

Screen capture instructor slides or product screens.

Enhanced Q&A

Interact with panelists during the presentation.

No Travel Costs

No Airfare/Fuel Costs

Not to mention the person kicking your seat during the flight!

No Hotel Stay

Ok...this one can be a plus to get away a bit.
(See Work-Life Harmonization above for the upside on this one)

No Airport or Hotel Parking

We know...this one doesn't cost much, but we needed a third Item for consistency.




  • Participate in category-based, guided explorations
  • Chat with booth workers by asking questions
  • Ask sponsors to “scan your badge” by answering “Yes” to a polling question
  • Schedule web demos with sponsors through calendar links if you want a more in-depth look at the exhibitor's solution

SNH17 Orlando-4-8


  • Choose your sessions from the 40-60% of the breakout rooms which will be available to remote attendees
  • Attend sessions live
  • View camera feeds showing both the presenter and the instructor’s content
  • Ask the instructor questions with some questions answered verbally and some questions answered via typed responses

SNH17 Orlando Monday-3-2


  • Participate in 100% of the main stage experiences
  • Chat with attendees prior to the start of the session
  • Enjoy a distraction-free, professional main stage production
  • View both the speaker and the speaker’s AV content



  • Enjoy socials through fixed camera feed
  • Learn more about on-premise attendees as they introduce themselves, talk about their unique skills and services
  • Connect with on-premise attendees through the conference app
  • Watch broadcast of formal programs presented during socials

SNH17 Orlando Sunday-5-10