Scaling New Heights 2020 will feature over 100 exhibitors, allowing you to explore a wide range of cutting-edge technology innovations designed for the small to medium-sized business space.


Check back regularly as we continue to expand the list of solutions and services featured at Scaling New Heights!




Patriot Software provides fast, simple, and affordable accounting and payroll software. As an Accountant, CPA or ...

Bookkeeper, you can earn more revenue when you join our Royalty Program.  Process payroll for your clients as a Certified Advisor for only $10/ client/month and $.50 per employee. Accounting is $6.25/ client/month. There is no charge to sign up.




Right Networks gets your current accounting-based desktop and legacy applications into the cloud, so it’s easier—and more secure …

to share sensitive documents and data with your clients. This new flexibility allows you to cost-effectively grow your business and even reach new geographies. We know your reputation is on the line, so go with a solution that is backed by Intuit.




You do more than accounting. We do more than payroll. Companies of all types and sizes around the world rely on …

ADP®’s cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people. HR. Talent. Benefits. Payroll. Compliance. Working together to build a better workforce.

ADP® offers accounting professionals’ data insights and flexible partnership options to help increase revenue for your firm, along with anytime access to authorized client data, a seamless general ledger interface and complimentary practice tools with our award-winning cloud solution Accountant ConnectSM



spnsr_billcom is a leading provider of cloud-based software that simplifies, digitizes, and ...

automates complex, back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. Customers use the platform to manage end-to-end financial workflows and to process payments. The financial software platform creates connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients. It helps manage cash inflows and outflows. The company partners with several of the largest U.S. financial institutions, the majority of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms, and popular accounting software providers. has offices in Palo Alto, California and Houston, Texas. To learn more visit


Getting paid when you want to isn’t just a perk. It’s life-changing. With Everee’s full ...

service payroll platform, you’ll improve employee retention and attract new talent while cutting out all the time-consuming work that comes with a two-week pay period. To learn more visit   

Knowify is a provider of industry-leading SaaS tools for running a construction …

business. A Gartner FrontRunner and the top-rated Construction solution on the Intuit store, Knowify aims to transform an industry still stuck in the paper and spreadsheet world. Our intuitive, highly automated tools encompass all aspects of administering a construction business, from bidding to change order management, invoicing, timekeeping, scheduling and more. Knowify offers a Certified Advisor Program to help accountants enhance their knowledge of the construction industry best practices and expand their tech advisory services. Come join us in the #productivityrevolution!


Payroll and HR from OnPay let you play a bigger role with clients. Rated …

“Excellent” by PC Magazine, we handle payroll and taxes for any client, let you set permissions, and help out with benefits. You can even sync with QuickBooks Online or Desktop and use custom account mapping to organize things your way.


BQE Software, the maker of BQE Core®, is trusted by more than 400,000 professionals …

worldwide. BQE Core uses automation and artificial intelligence to centralize and streamline the way accounting professionals and their clients enter and use information for business intelligence, time and expenses, billing, project management, and accounting. This gives them the speed and insight necessary to rapidly make informed decisions, increase productivity, and grow profits. Backed by award-winning specialists and featuring integrations with QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight, and Xero, Core is the complete solution for professional service firms looking to get ahead with the latest technology.


eFileCabinet’s flagship product is Rubex, a cloud document management system that …

combines advanced OCR and automation tools for digital filing and secure file sharing. Rubex not only helps businesses go paperless, but it eliminates a variety of redundant tasks and administrative functions such as manual data entry. Using templates for standard forms, new documents uploaded to Rubex are automatically named and filed in the correct folder based on the content in the document. The system can even create new folder structures as new types of documents are uploaded. Workflow tools allow you to further automate your document management processes. Rubex also provides secure file-sharing that allows you to easily send encrypted documents to anyone. A request feature also allows you to send document requests to anyone and allows them to upload them through an encrypted channel. Learn more at


Liscio provides firms of all sizes with a drop-dead easy, secure mobile-first …

platform for clients to communicate and exchange sensitive data with your firm. Your staff will love it too! Clients send documents on time (no chasing), texts go to an actionable inbox (not personal phones), track tasks by client, eSignatures are one click, and everything is in one place, with unlimited storage and clients. Fully integrated with Outlook, OneDrive, and Zoom, plus anything your firm can print can be securely shared to Liscio. Schedule a free demo at


Contracts, compliance, payments – all in one. Win more clients, do less admin, boost cash flow …

and scale your business with practice ignition.


Divvy is a free platform that consolidates the financial tech stack bringing about ...

real-time spend visibility and control for firms and their clients.  To learn more visit

All organizations are under pressure to conserve cash, reduce costs and increase

productivity. Combine iCompleat’s platform with your QuickBooks Online application to enable online buying, purchasing and accounts payable automation to save both time and money. Save even more when you buy on iCompleat from leading suppliers such as Amazon Business. We are shaping the future of online buying. To learn more visit

Sharpe Concepts provides products and services to make small to medium sized inventory based ...

businesses work smarter. Our LilyPad Applications brand is a leader in Developing, Implementing, and Supporting Enhancement Applications for users of QuickBooks and Fishbowl Inventory Software. To learn more visit

Summit Hosting is one of the largest providers of cloud based QuickBooks hosting and ...

Sage hosting in the U.S. and Canada. We host mission-critical applications and software on secure dedicated servers that you can access remotely on your internet-connected device from anywhere at a low cost. Overall, our services are designed to make your life easier, save you time and minimize your IT and hardware costs. To learn more visit



Analytix Solutions combines robust accounting expertise with innovative technologies to …

deliver integrated solutions customized for your practice.  As a single source financial solutions provider, Analytix partners with firms to offer clients a range of bookkeeping and accounting services. Depending on your practice’s needs, we can function as bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, business advisors, and part-time CFOs. We also have a team of experts who can perform accounting systems’ integrations.  Our accounting solutions are scalable during peak periods, including tax deadlines, providing flexibility in bandwidth. Leveraging our services allows you to refocus on the more strategic aspects of your business or expand service offerings without adding overhead.  Our professionals can work directly with your clients, or we can deliver private label services so that the relationship is completely managed by your firm. For more information on Analytix Solutions, visit us at


Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional …

taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other tax types. The company delivers comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are designed to be fast, accurate, and easy to use.


Powered by cloud technology, XCM® offers a complete productivity workflow platform that ...

centralizes tax, accounting, finance, and audit processes within a single platform for end-to-end, streamlined workflow management. XCM enables professionals to complete more work faster with greater quality.

Visit Website:

Customized solutions for all of your Human Resource and Payroll needs. Our unique approach

addresses the complete employment life cycle by delivering cost effective products and services. We help you minimize the risk and exposure associated with managing your labor force so you can focus on running your business. To learn more visit



Botkeeper – Better than humans, better than machines. Automated bookkeeping with …

a human touch. Botkeeper provides bookkeeping to businesses through automation of common bookkeeping workflows in order to save time and cut bookkeeping costs in half. Using a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI, Botkeeper’s platform connects with a client’s bank accounts, credit cards, HR system, POS, and other systems, making the appropriate entries and adjustments to their QuickBooks Online accounts via 24/7 Bots. Clients receive ongoing support as well as incredible insight into their financials with easy-to-use, attractive dashboards and unlimited, customizable reporting. Real-time financial data then helps inform good business decisions. Accounting professionals/firms can offload the bookkeeping tasks (data entry, reconciliations, classifications) to Botkeeper, through their Partner Program, allowing them to focus on higher level client advisory services. Find out more at

GruntWorx logo - Grunt is green and worx is black. Tagline reads Tax Automation and Organization

GruntWorx tax automation and organization technology eliminates the tedium of ...

manually converting paper documents to digital files by automating data entry and source file organization with most tax software. GruntWorx is also backed by free, best-in-class customer support, providing fast, friendly, accurate answers to customer questions. The bottom line: using GruntWorx improves efficiency, productivity, and – most importantly – profitability for any tax preparation firm.

Learn more at


Point7seconds provides OneNote training for individuals, Pro Advisors, and ...

corporations looking to convert their personal and business information into instantly retrievable and transferable knowledge using the power of Microsoft 365, specifically OneNote.  Point7seconds was formerly known as

Guaranteed Lowest Prices In The Nation On Business Checks, Deposit Tickets & …

CHECKSFORLESS.COM is one of the best-known online brands for providing small businesses with laser and manual business checks, deposit tickets, and other business banking supply needs. Compare our prices to Intuit & Deluxe and save your clients over 40% on Quickbooks compatible laser checks & deposit tickets. CHECKSFORLESS.COM Affiliate Advantage helps you earn a 15% commission on a wide variety of qualifying products. The best part is you don’t have to take their order! Just simply refer your clients to us, and we’ll take it from there.


Justworks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence by giving …

them access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place.


Receipt Bank is a strategic partner of QuickBooks Online and …

QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Receipt Bank is an award-winning productivity tool that helps bookkeepers do more with less. You’ll take control of ALL of your client’s source documents and eliminate the pain of data entry from your bookkeeping. Rated 5-stars on you’ll be able to manage all of your clients in one location. The key data will be extracted from your clients receipts, bills and credit notes and synced with QuickBooks Online. Thousands of accounting firms around the world use Receipt Bank to deliver a seamless and effortless bookkeeping experience to their clients. Stop by the Receipt Bank booth and find out more about effortless bookkeeping and awesome automation.


TaxProMarketer is the leading marketing agency for independent CPA's and

tax pros since '07. For a custom blueprint for YOUR firm visit
spnsr_efileformstax is a leading IRS-authorized transmitter, offering you ...

the best value in online 1099 and W-2 e-filing services.  As an industry leader and pioneer, we’ve made online processing of 1099s and W-2s more convenient and economical than paper forms and installed software.  We offer comprehensive processing of tax information forms, including printing, mailing, and optional electronic delivery to your recipients, and electronic filing with the IRS and SSA.  Features include tiered pricing, Excel, QuickBooks, Xero and other API integration tools for uploading data, and state-of-the-art security. Our customers choose us because our service is quick, easy, cost-effective, reliable, and secure. Learn more at


PlanGuru helps thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and their advisors ...

drive better decision making through budgeting, forecasting, & performance review. Build intelligent, dynamic, financial forecasts.


Pay and Reconcile Invoices Directly From Your Accounting Software…

Without Logging Into Your Bank.  Learn more at


spnsr_timesheets_com is a cloud-based time tracking service that bookkeepers and

CPAs love. We’re a low-cost, fully featured time, expense, and HR tool that’s half the cost of our largest competitor. is designed for small businesses, departments, schools, and non-profits and works as easily for your clients as it does for your practice. Export to QuickBooks, CSV, PDF, or your payroll service. Stop by our booth for a t-shirt and a smile.  Learn more at