Become a Woodard Certified
Transformative Advisor (CTA)


We equip accountants and bookkeepers to generate increases in wealth for their business clients, where that wealth is often financial but could also be less literal forms of wealth like the company’s reputation, culture, infrastructure, and technology. Transformation work can also benefit the business owner directly through improved peace of mind, work/life harmonization, and enhanced leadership skills. Woodard Institute’s Certified Transformative Advisor Program provides certification courses that focus on the key areas shown above in your clients’ businesses.

By completing the core requirements of Operational and Financial Advisory and one additional elective course, you will earn your Certified Transformative Advisory Badge.

Complete all six and earn your Advanced Certified Transformative Advisory Badge.


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Succession Advisory creates a dynamic succession strategy that serves not only as the company's exit plan but also as a roadmap for continued business development.
Technology Advisory monitors security issues and technolgoy innovations to ensure clients remain current, secure, and operating at peak performance.
Knowledge Advisory positions the company to scale by liberating information about systems, processes, clients and strategies from their natural silos.
Financial Advisory is the natural continuation of client services after you (or the client) complete each bookkeeping cycle.
Leadership Advisory coaches clients to better manage their business and empower teams.
perational Advisory uses operational indicators to measure and track business health and strategic direction.


Certified Transformative Advisor Financial Advisory

Course name: CTAF

Course Begins Oct 14, 2020
2:30 - 4:30 PM Eastern

Most business owners lack the insights they need to make wise business decisions. Financial Advisory is the natural continuation of client services after you (or the client) complete each bookkeeping cycle. Our CTA’s leverage financial analytics and operational indicators to effectively project and manage cash flow, track financial performance, monitor the client’s financial position, run what/if scenarios, recommend course corrections…and more!

$595/month for 3 months, or
$795/month for 3 months with Private Mentoring


Maximize your value with our Annual Subscription option.  During your 12-month subscription, you may enroll in courses offered through both our Certified Transformative Adivsory Program and our Practice Transformation Program. 

For the equivalent price of 2 courses, your plan includes:
Up to 3 courses during your subscription term
12 Months of A.C.T. (your weekly accountability group meeting)