Microsoft 365 Implementation Boot Camp

A 10-Week Boot Camp

Boot Camp Description
If you are setting up Microsoft 365 or if you want to expand your use of Microsoft 365, this 10-week course is for you.

Although functionally easy to use, Microsoft 365 can quickly become disorganized, even chaotic, without a well-planned, comprehensive setup. In contrast, using the right MS365 applications in the right way will result in seamless management of documents, communications, tasks, and relationships.

This boot camp walks you, step by step, through the organization-wide implementation of Microsoft 365 and addresses best practices to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s use of Microsoft 365.

Attend the Microsoft 365 Implementation Boot Camp to…

  1. Deploy, or expand your use of, Microsoft 365 in your business, including transferring email and files if applicable.
  2. Modernize team collaboration, document sharing, and business information.
  3. Centralize information through comprehensive Microsoft Cloud utilization.
  4. Adopt best practices for the use of Microsoft 365 throughout your organization.

This 10-Week Boot Camp is Designed For...

  • Any business wishing to deploy Microsoft 365.
  • Any business wishing to maximize its use of Microsoft 365.
  • A single individual within the business to become the Microsoft 365 “champion.” This champion will…
    • Implement Microsoft 365 for the company.
    • Support the company’s employees in the use of Microsoft 365 applications.
This unique, in-depth, high-impact boot camp is $595/month for three months. The first payment is due upon signing up for the boot camp. The second and third payments are billed after the class begins.

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