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Unlock the Potential of Your Bookkeeping or CAS Practice

Build your ideal practice with our coaching, education, community, and resources. We’ll get you there with strategic direction from experienced pros, access to skill building and resources, and a community to continually inspire your practice’s transformation.

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Deploy Woodard's Ideal Practice Model

Bookkeeping and Stand-Alone CAS Practices


General capacity. Price to your value. Build the practice you want.

Many professional bookkeepers and managers of stand-alone CAS practices struggle with capacity constraints, price-sensitive clients, and the ability to focus on developing advisory services.

Engage Woodard to modernize productions, automate processes, and maximize pricing, and to equip yourself and your team to offer higher value offerings like controllership services and FP&A services.

CPA Firms


Modernize, Automate, Standardize, and Scale

CPA firms are increasingly emphasizing Client Advisory Services as a primary profit center, to generate non-seasonal revenue streams, and to significantly increase efficiencies for corporate tax clients.  

Engage Woodard to deploy a profitable and scalable CAS practice by optimizing technologies, modernizing client interactions, automating productions, standardizing processes, increasing profitability, and upskilling CAS workers.

About Woodard Membership

Woodard membership gives you all of the access you need to build the practice you envision. Whether you run a bookkeeping or CAS practice, Woodard has spent decades developing education, coaching, resources, and community to help you get the outcomes you want to optimize and grow your business.

Expand your knowledge base

Access courses and events, designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills so you can grow in the areas of client advisory, practice management, and technology.  

Accelerate Your outcomes Develop a comprehensive strategic plan specific for your business and execute against the plan with the help of a dedicated coach.  
Build New relationships

Leverage both localized meetings and an online community platform to share ideas, cross-refer specialized services, exchange information and foster high impact, long-term relationships.

Gain access to powerful resources

Woodard resources, including podcasts, articles, and a reality TV series, are designed around key, relevant topics specific to Bookkeeping Practices and CPA firms.

''It's beyond words the gratitude I have for Woodard. A year ago I was a solo entrepreneur and struggling. Your courses, coaching, and general availability for guidance, questions, and clarity have set me on a trajectory that has revitalized my life, career, and overall purpose. I have more than doubled my business revenue and almost doubled my income. I feel lucky to have invested my future with you and your organization. You have delivered on your promises of improving my practice and professional development. ''

Felipe Wityk-Sanchez,
WealthSpring Financial Services

Beyond Membership - Be Part of a Learning Community

Explore virtual and on-premises training events, earn CPE credits, and interact with a highly-engaged community of accountants and bookkeepers.

Virtual Webinars

We provide nationally renowned webinars for accountants and bookkeepers on topics designed to elevate the level of service you provide to your small business clients. 

On-Premises Scaling New Heights

Scaling New Heights® is a leading accounting technology conference and one of the largest gatherings of accountants and bookkeepers in the country.

On-Premises Woodard Summit Woodard Summit, a members-only event, is an elite gathering of accountants and bookkeepers who meet each year in person to conduct strategic planning for their practices.
On-Premises Ideal Practice Symposiums

This two-day training experience provides engaging sessions, assisted by Woodard coaches and successful practice leaders, where you will alternate throughout the day between education, workbook exercises, and small group collaboration.

Awards Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices

The awards, administered by Woodard™, recognize and honor those bookkeeping practices that most exemplify the characteristics of a top-performing bookkeeping practice.

Series Tech Makeover

Tech Makeover is an exciting reality TV series that follows Joe Woodard and Patricia Hendrix as they do a hands-on renovations of small businesses’ tech stacks.

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