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Woodard Network provides an online community and resources exclusively to certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. 

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Online Community

Woodard Network offers its members a proprietary online forum – a highly interactive community and networking environment comprised solely of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Members use this environment to share ideas, cross-refer QuickBooks-related products and specialized services, exchange technical information, share tips and tricks, …and more.

Members-Only Training

Woodard offers its network members an exclusive webinar experience. On the first Friday of each month we offer our monthly “Member’s Only Webinar” that features guest presenters from Intuit and a wide range of training segments (see details below).

Resources & Benefits

As a Woodard Network Member, you’ll enjoy a wide range of practice resources and other benefits designed for you to increase efficiencies (and profitability), grow your practice, elevate your relationships with your clients, and enhance your professional skills.

Rewards for Premier Members

Scaling New Heights

  • Discounts
    • White Bar 10%
    • Blue Bar 20%
    • Green Bar 30%
    • Brown Bar 50%
    • Black Bar 100%

Woodard Institute

  • Discounts
    • Blue Bar 10%
    • Green Bar 20%
    • Brown Bar 30%
    • Black Bar 40%

Woodard Network Online Community

  • Bar color showing your status within our membership base

Insightful Accountant

  • Blue Bar – 1 Published Article per Year
  • Green Bar – 1 Published Article per Quarter
  • Brown Bar – 1 Published Article per Month
  • Black Bar – Dedicated Columnist for IA

About Woodard Network

Woodard Network is a professional group of experienced and highly knowledgeable Intuit Advisors (i.e. QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Intuit Premier Resellers).

Why Create a Network for Certified ProAdvisors?

Networking is the Model for the 21st Century

As an Intuit Advisor with about 20 years of consulting experience, Joe Woodard knows full well the benefit of networking with other professionals and the impact on the development and overall success of his consulting practice. Joe Woodard created Woodard Network because he wants to extend this benefit to others and employ the networking principles he has learned over the last decade on a national scale.

The Most Experienced Advisors Need to Work Together

The most knowledgeable, most proactive and most experienced Intuit Advisors need a dedicated and exclusive space to share ideas, cross-refer QuickBooks-related products and specialized services, and exchange technical information, tips and tricks. To accomplish this goal, the prerequisites for joining our program are higher than any other national, independent network of QuickBooks consultants.

There is Strength in Numbers

By banding together a large group of like-minded and highly experienced consultants, we have a collective “voice” within the accounting technology industry, with Intuit, within the QuickBooks user community, and with developers of QuickBooks-integrated applications. Also, by working with developers to secure special benefits, we can provide tools, systems, resources and services to our members at a fraction of the price you would pay if you purchased similar services or products on your own.

About Monthly Network Webinars

Members of Woodard Network (All Membership Levels) have access to an exclusive monthly webinar each month:




This 1.5 hour webinar includes the following segments:

  • Voice of Intuit – A senior employee from Intuit shares about upcoming products, enhancements to existing products, updates to the ProAdvisor Program…and more!
  • Voice of the Member – Network members share peer to peer tips and best practices for working with clients, growing your practice, leading teams, hiring employees, implementing software for clients…and more!
  • Murph Moment – William “Murph” Murphy, Senior Editor of Insightful Accountant, shares what many members refer to as the most advanced training on QuickBooks available found anywhere.
  • News Desk – Joe Woodard shares news from the past 30 days that is highly relevant to ProAdvisors, including happenings at Intuit, upcoming training opportunities, developments within Woodard, etc.
  • Practice Growth and Development – Each month Joe Woodard teaches a 20 minute segment focused on your practice. Topics cover practice systems/development, practice growth, professional skills, leadership skills and a wide range of other topics designed to keep your practice on the cutting edge.

What They’re Saying

  • Woodard Network is more than a group of accountants and consultants coming together for a common cause. It is a business catalyst. The combined experience of the members, along with guidance and mentoring from the trainers and leadership team, enable you to improve and grow your business. It's a great investment!

    Marjorie AdamsFourlane
  • What I love about being in Woodard Network is the camaraderie with other like-minded people. Even though I am alone in my office, I have a network worldwide I can count on. The sharing and caring of the people is beyond measure. Not only are these people accounting colleagues - they are my closest friends.

    Debra KilsheimerBehind the Scenes Financial Services
  • I joined the Woodard Network to be able to network with others. When I have a client with a problem, or I am having a QB issue I have never run into, I can shoot out a message and others from all over the country can help me out. It would be hard for me to give up my daily emails to see what relevant issues people are talking about in the Woodard Network world. The software references are the best part for me. It is almost like a news feed on current software, its abilities and related applications.

    Jessica DornFMI Management & Accounting Solutions
  • The greatest gift of the ProAdvisor Program has been to give me confidence in the work I do. The Woodard Network gives the ProAdvisor Program a tangible sense of community, an annual conference where we can network with our community, a member forum where we can consult our peers, webinars to educate, and Woodard Network Chapter meetings to collaborate and learn. Thank you Joe Woodard and the Woodard Network. I am better able to serve my clients with more confidence and resources than ever before.

    April HooperHooper Bookkeeping
  • Woodard Network has enabled me to work with businesses and individuals alike by providing unparalleled extensive training on Intuit products and third party applications. I have applied many new ideas in my business increasing profits. One of the newest was the reseller capabilities that I have never had before to increase cash flow. The benefits are numerous and worth every minute of time invested. I have also met people from all over the world. My friends at Woodard are priceless to me.

    JUDY BORLANDAtlanTech Solutions

About Woodard Network Educational Credits

Network members earn educational credits by attending network webinars, attending the annual Scaling New Heights conference, attending Intuit Virtual Conferences, attending webinars produced by Insightful Accountant, attending or leading Woodard Group meetings, and participating in courses offered through Woodard Institute.

Premier members of the network can use these credits as discounts on the annual Scaling New Heights conference – earning up to a 100% discount on conference registration!

Educational Credits – Earning Structure

QB Talks Webinars 12 1 12
IA Webinar 12 1 12
Member Webinar 12 1 12
App Academy 4 1 4
QuickBooks Accounting Virtual Conferences 4 10-12 40-48
Scaling New Heights 1 31 31
Woodard Institute 4 16 64
Woodard Group 12 5 60
Woodard Group Leader 12 8 96
Max Total for Group Leader: 231 Max Total for Group Attendee: 195

Membership Levels

White Bar 65 Credits (Rolling 12 Months)
Blue Bar 95 Credits (Rolling 12 Months)
Green Bar 125 Credits (Rolling 12 Months)
Brown Bar 160 Credits (Rolling 12 Months)
Black Bar 195 Credits (Rolling 12 Months)