Practice Transformation Program

Through Woodard Institute's Practice Transformation Program you engineer the next version of your practice - and yourself as a professional - through process improvements, process standardization, workflow automation, increases in team productivity, client selection and management, effective pricing strategies...and more!

courses from this program offered in 2021 include:


Practice Transformation:

the Ideal Bookkeeping Practice

10 Sessions

April, 2021 - June, 2021


This course equips you through education, peer-to-peer collaboration, hands-on exercises, and guided client interactions to build the next version of your bookkeeping practice.*

During your journey to the next version of your practice, we will focus on several key areas that drive increased efficiencies, profitability, and client value including:

  • Discovering Your Ideal Client
  • Building Practice Strategies Around Your Ideal Client
  • Technology Adoption - Vetting and Selecting the Right Solutions
  • Creating Consistency and Scalability with Process Refinement and Standardization
  • Developing Modernized and Secure Client Collaboration
  • Data Collection and Data Capture Automation
  • Streamlining Accounts Payable Automation
  • Fostering Practice Wide Adoption: Change Leadership for Your Team and Your Clients
  • Exploring Strategies for Effective Pricing
  • Building Adaptive Capacity for Ongoing Growth and Development

$595/month for 3 months, or
$795/month for 3 months with Private Mentoring

*This course is also well-suited to client accounting service (CAS) divisions in regional CPA firms.


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Strategic Pricing Workshop

4-Week Workshop: Fall 2020

Additional workshops will be offered throughout 2021

We teamed up with Intuit QuickBooks® around our four-week "Strategic Pricing" workshop with the goal of equipping ProAdvisors to effectively and strategically price bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory services.

We normally offer this course for $995 per person. However, through a sponsorship of Woodard Institute, Intuit QuickBooks® is providing full scholarships for this course, exclusive to members of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program.

Woodard's "Strategic Pricing Workshop," designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers, is a four-week program that includes weekly sessions, client-facing exercises, and peer to peer interaction.

During this powerful, four-week workshop you will...

Session 1: Develop your unique value proposition
(October 21,  12-2 ET)

Session 2: Determine a pricing model that is fair for you and your client (October 28, 12-2 ET)

Session 3: Leading clients to accept your new pricing model
(November 4, 12-2 ET)

Bonus study hall and pricing guidance session
(November 16, 12-2 ET)

Session 4: Maximize pricing through advisory services
(November 23, 12-2 ET)


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Practice Transformation:

Personal and Team Productivity

10 Sessions

April, 2021 - June 2021


This course provides you with the knowledge, tools and support to conquer task overload, achieve and maintain a zero-inbox, harmonize work and life, adopt extreme intentionality and maximize productions. Most of the course focuses on personal productivity with bonus strategies for deploying the principles throughout your team.*

During this course, we will address the challenges you face in task management and implement some tried and true methods to corral the chaos including:

  • Overcoming Productivity Myths and Roadblocks
  • Understanding how Effective Prioritization Impacts Productivity
  • Exploring an Effective Methodology for Optimizing Task Completion
  • Achieving Zero Inbox
  • Capturing Inputs and Converting Them into Actions
  • Engaging and Maintaining a High-Productivity Lifestyle
  • Taking It to Your Team (or to your client's team)*
    • Harmonizing Individual Actions into Team Projects
    • Fostering Team Adoption and Developing Strategies for Continual Improvement

$595/month for 3 months, or
$795/month for 3 months with Private Mentoring

*This course is very effective for solopreneurs as well as team leaders.

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Power Day: 2021 Battle plan

Next Workshop: December 9th 2020, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Eastern

Join Joe Woodard in this 8-hour intensive Power Day designed to prepare you to make the most of the coming year. During this packed day you will fine tune your practice identity, discover your ideal clients/services, develop your unique value proposition, envision a holistic practice model, and develop a plan to not only deploy your model but to do so while facing the ongoing challenges and uncertainties of the COVID-19 crisis.

During this powerful Power Day you will be...

  • Defining WHY you need a battle plan
  • Fine Tuning (or Even Reinventing) Your Practice’s Trajectory and Identity
  • Creating a Holistic Practice Development Model
  • Creating a Battle Plan for 2021
  • Rallying the Troops: Enhancing Team Collaboration in an Increasingly Virtual World


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Maximize your value with our Annual Subscription option.  During your 12-month subscription, you may enroll in courses offered through both our Certified Transformative Adivsory Program and our Practice Transformation Program. 

For the equivalent price of 2 courses, your plan includes:
Up to 3 courses during your subscription term
12 Months of A.C.T. (your weekly accountability group meeting)