Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Introduction to QuickBooks Online Advanced

Speaker(s): Erin Dyer

This session will explore features of the most robust version of QuickBooks Online. Discover the value of QuickBooks Online Advanced with deep dive demos and discussion.  Save time, automate workflows, and support your mid-market clients by working smarter not harder. 

 Learning Objectives:  

  • Who is QuickBooks Online Advanced for? 
  • Deep Dive Demos 
  • Power up your firm to support the mid-market with QuickBooks Online Advanced more


QuickBooks Online Advanced Smart Reporting by Fathom

Speaker(s): Erin Dyer

This session will introduce the advanced reporting features of Fathom.  Get a clearer picture of business performance, in-depth analysis, integrated business planning, three-way cash flow forecasting, and micro forecasts.  Included with QuickBooks Online Advanced subscriptions, Smart Reporting by Fathom syncs QuickBooks data and can up your advisory game with little to no effort. 

 This session will cover:

  • KPI Analysis 
  • Reporting 
  • Forecasting 
  • Consolidation 
  • Benchmarking more