Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

The Client Experience 2.0 Model in Action - Beginning with Outstanding Onboarding and All Through Managing Clients and Workflow

Speaker(s): Lynda Artesani and Katey Maddux

Ensuring that each client experiences your firm as a progressive, responsive firm is easier than you think.  It hinges on having a world-class onboarding process that sets each new client up for success. AND - it starts before the client becomes a client!  Come and learn tried and true best practices for setting the right tone, demonstrating your expertise, and ensuring that the relationship is on solid ground from the first touch point through the on-going engagement.

The second half of this course is designed to show you how LiscioCX, plus other best-of-breed solutions help CX2.0 firms of all sizes to streamline their communications with clients, delight them across all touchpoints, and to get more work done internally. Taught mostly in-product, with slides showing the workflow and how data flows between each app, (including QBO),  this course is ideal for anyone who wants to take their practice to the next level in 2021 via adopting a Client Experience 2.0 model with clients and staff. more