Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Our Tech Stack and Why it Works - Leverage Your Technology for Productivity and Growth.

Speaker(s): Kathy Dise

Review the BudgetEase Tech Stack to help newer bookkeepers choose software and apps in a confusing ecosystem.

This is not a course listing all the possible technologies.  Only the apps we have thoroughly vetted will be shared and discussed.  We will cover what we like and don't like, why we chose it and what would make it better.  For example, we use Microsoft - Planner, OneNote, Forms, Outlook, Whiteboard, and Teams.  In addition to QuickBooks,, Melio, Right Networks, QBox, Ebillity, QB Payroll, Invoice Sherpa, Ebillity, Expensify, Fathom, Cash Flow Tool, Qvinci, and more.

Geared to 2-30 person bookkeeping/accounting firms

Join Kathy Dise to learn about the tech stack BudgetEase used to grow their business from 3 to 13 employees in 10 years helping over 200 clients annually.  She will share:

  • What technology we use - hardware and software.
  • Processes that works for choosing the best software for you.
  • What software do we wish we had.
  • What software do we hate but haven't found better alternatives. more