Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Commitments and Boundaries – Your YES Should Mean Something!

Speaker(s): Kathy Grosskurth

Many years ago, my life was defined by a distinct pattern of making empty promises and disappointing those around me. Though I paid lip service to being sorry, I didn’t really accept total responsibility. Therefore, these behaviors continued with the same results. My situation was hopeless... Until something happened that LITERALLY changed my life and way of thinking. My “A-HA!!!” moment occurred after reading a book on setting and keeping boundaries. After many years of embracing and implementing its principles, the hard work has helped me tremendously in protecting my internal and external boundaries so that my “YES” means YES and my “NO” means NO. Even though I still consider myself a work-in-progress, I am thankful that I CAN set appropriate boundaries in my life. And if I can do it, then you can, too!

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore why so many of us have a difficult time saying NO.
  • Share reasons why setting appropriate Boundaries with others is so important in our life and work realms.
  • Discuss some of the key steps that you can take to start setting appropriate boundaries with those in your personal and professional circles. more