Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Client (and Firm!) Experience 2.0 – What is it and How Does Your Firm Stack Up?

Speaker(s): Lynda Artesani

Firms pride themselves on providing great outcomes for their clients and with the move to advisory and the rise of technology and apps, you are making more of a difference than ever for your clients’ continued success and growth. But have you ever thought about what your clients’ experience is when working with your firm? And how that experience directly impacts YOUR experience as well? This course will cover the principles involved and benefits that accrue when a firm creates a top-notch experience for their clients at every touch point. You’ll also assess your current Client Experience Level and leave with a practical action plan to help your firm step up to CX 2.0.

 Learning Objectives

  • Understand what Client Experience 2.0 is, and how it relates to tech-forward firms and their clients
  • Discover the growth and productivity benefits of moving to a Client Experience 2.0 model in your firm
  • Assess your current CX level and learn practical steps you can take to leverage your existing strengths and address any hotspots in your firm more


Are You Ready to Play Matchmaker with Your Clients? How to Leverage Cloud Technology to Stay Relevant

Speaker(s): Lynda Artesani

This course teaches accountants and bookkeepers how to leverage cloud technology to stay relevant in today's business environment. The course focuses on using robust cloud-based systems like QuickBooks Online and an industry-specific software of your choice.  Learn how to harness the power of the cloud and AI to make your clients lives easier and your services more valuable.

Learning Objectives: 

Attendees will learn the best practices of how to move their client's accounting data off of software or programs that is not working (most likely desktop) to cloud technology.  Additionally, the attendees will also learn how to best design a new workflow with additional software to mitigate manual entry and redundant systems and help their clients become future ready.  

Additionally, attendees will discover a new source of income that will allow them to possibly add to their ongoing client base. more