Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

FP&A, A Silver Bullet in Providing Insights and Guidance When Offering Client Advisory Services

Speaker(s): Matthew West

The use of data and analytics continues to grow in firms offering Client Advisory Services.  Many firms are helping clients make sense of their financial footprint through KPIs, forecasts, and budget trends.  In this session, learn how to position FP&A services, standardize deliverable financial statement data, and deepen the advisory engagement with your client.

Learning Objectives In this section, attendees will learn how to

  • Incorporating new services into CAS offering to provide value to their existing accounting engagements
  • Developing standard reporting dashboards with KPIs to drive information and value to the end-user
  • Introducing and differentiating “Controller, Controller+, and VCFO” services
  • Provide a pathway to deliver budgets and forecasts through the use of technology more