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Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

Try Before You Buy - Test Drive New Clients via Profitable Clean-up Jobs, Using the Client Experience 2.0 Method

Speaker(s): Michelle Vilms

It’s disconcerting to take on a new client and realize they are simply a bad fit. One of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen is to “test drive” your prospective new clients! Client clean-up projects can be a wonderful way to not only get paid for your work and provide a much-needed service but also to allow you to gain valuable insights into how the client works.

There is also a huge demand for this service, as small business owners need your help in getting their books accurate so they can file their taxes and manage their businesses properly. They may have been “going it alone” to save money and now they can’t trust their balances. Or, they may be a referral from a CPA firm who asks you to clean up and verify the balances so they can proceed with the tax return.

Either way, you need a process to manage this work that results in a great experience for your staff, and for the client. You’ll also benefit from a new way of looking at these projects - they can not only be profitable and enjoyable, they can also be a source of long-term clients as well. The biggest benefit of approaching client cleanup projects this way is that you will gain clients with clean books, and also know that they are not only easy to work with but they value your expertise and are willing to pay for it as well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover practical tips to help you streamline your client clean-up projects regardless of the length of the engagement.
  • Maximize the chances of converting the best of these clients into ongoing monthly clients for your firm.
  • Expand the clientele of your organization, and make these types of engagement enjoyable and profitable for all! more