Scaling New Heights

Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

7 Secrets to Building a Successful Business Advisory Revenue Stream

Speaker(s): Peter Hickey

This explores the secrets to building a successful business advisory practice. In this session, we will discuss everything from winning clients to building a successful business model.

We will demonstrate a step-by-step process on how to build the advisory side of the practice, how to win and run client discovery meetings, how to build confidence and how to make the first sale. Then, we will explore by using practical tools what to do during a monthly client meeting, and how to structure them so that they are fun, enjoyable, effective yet still highly profitable. We will have a look at sample charge rates for clients and how to set up a recurring revenue client. 

Learning Objectives: At the end of this session you will walk away with

  1. An understanding of how to offer a business advisory business model.
  2. An understanding of how to win clients
  3. An understanding of how to structure the monthly client review meeting
  4. An understanding of marketing and charge rates more


How to Create an Exit and Succession Plan for Your Clients (and You!)

Speaker(s): Peter Hickey

Exit & Succession planning is a great way to build a new income stream for your practice and is one of the fastest growing business advisory niches. We will demonstrate a “step by step” process on how you can create an exit and succession plan for your clients. We will discuss the great opportunity for Accountants and bookkeepers to sell advisory work and how this fits within the comfort zone of most accountants and bookkeepers. We show you how you can work with your client to discuss the important question of when and how they intend to exit or sell their business.  The session covers how to create a plan that includes

  1. Maximizing the value of a business
  2. Ensuring the business owner is personally and financially ready
  3. Creating a “life after exit” plan

The session also discusses the need for all accountants and bookkeeping firms to have an exit & succession plan for their own business.

At the end of this session you will walk away with

  1. An understanding of why exit & succession planning could be the single biggest driver of your Business Advisory division revenue.
  2. An understanding of why you should consider developing an exit & succession plan for your practice.
  3. An understanding of how and why this type of client engagement fits in with your comfort zone and how to setup a simple effective client advisory model. more