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Advanced Training for Accounting Professionals

PROP It Up! PROP Accounting Software: Bridging the Gap for Small Business

Speaker(s): Ted McCrae

There is a new sector of the accounting software market that has been developing in recent years. These new applications are designed to handle the Process and Resource Operation Planning (PROP) for a business. This gap between entry-level solutions and ERP solutions is being filled by PROP products, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses. This session will discuss what PROP accounting software is and how it can benefit you & your clients' business!

Small companies have a lot of moving components. Small company owners don’t want to be experts in accounting, logistics, or other fields. For most small business owners, ERP solutions are too big and expensive. Many of them, on the other hand, quickly outgrow the basic accounting modules such as just a general ledger, reporting, accounts payable

This is where the Process and Resource Operation Planning (PROP) solutions come in for a business. These PROP products bridge the gap for small businesses between entry-level solutions and ERP solutions.

Learning Objectives:  

  • What is a PROP solution?
  • How it can help your clients move past entry-level solutions
  • Customized Solutions that can be created more


AccountingSuite Core Certification

Speaker(s): Ted McCrae

The AccountingSuite™ CORE training and certification program was created to provide our partners with a robust platform to learn all of the powerful features in AccountingSuite™. It not only gets you comfortable with the product but makes you an AccountingSuite™ RockStar to establish domain expertise with your clients. more


AccountingSuite Inventory Basics

Speaker(s): Ted McCrae

This class covers the basic inventory concepts in AccountingSuite™. Topics covered include items, lots and serial numbers, back-ordering, multi-location, costs, and reporting. Participants should have taken Core Certification before taking this class. more