Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards


Nominations for the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards are now open. The awards, administered by Woodard™, recognize and honor those bookkeeping practices that most exemplify the characteristics of a top-performing bookkeeping practice.

According to Joe Woodard, "Bookkeepers and bookkeeping practices are the backbone of the economy, playing a pivotal role in keeping small to medium businesses running. Unfortunately, there simply hasn’t been a high degree of recognition of their value. Establishing the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards is a way for Woodard to identify and pay tribute to those bookkeeping practices that are leading the profession and generating extreme value for their clients.”

Why is being recognized as a Top 50 Bookkeeping Practice valuable?

In addition to the intrinsic rewards of being acknowledged for the hard work that bookkeepers put into the development of their practices, each practice that is recognized as one of the Top 50 bookkeeping practices will be:

  • Included in the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices directory on for a period of one year
  • Profiled in an article in The Woodard Report which is read by tens of thousands of bookkeeping peers
  • Recognized in social media, both collectively and individually
  • Recognized at the 2023 annual Scaling New Heights® conference
  • Invited to an elite Top 50 social gathering at Scaling New Heights 2023

What are the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards?

top50-badge-v2The Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards recognize those bookkeeping practices that exemplify the characteristics of a top practice.


Intentional  ~  Specialized  ~   Efficient  ~   Effective  ~  Profitable  ~   Scalable


The awards recognize bookkeeping practices, not individuals within the practice. Because the characteristics of top bookkeeping practices may be expressed differently between practices of different sizes, the awards are broken down into two practice size categories - practices with five or fewer practitioners (including sole practitioners) and practices with six or more practitioners.

Nomination Process

The nomination process for the awards is now open and will close on September 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM Pacific. An individual can nominate their own practice or a peer practice. 

Application Process

On November 1, 2022, the owners of nominated bookkeeping practices will receive an email inviting them to apply online for the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards. The application process will close on December 31, 2022. Only applications received by 11:59 PM Pacific on December 31st will be considered for the awards.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation of bookkeeping practices that have applied for the Top 50 Bookkeeping Practices Awards will be led by experienced and respected current and former bookkeeping practice leaders. 


The Characteristics of a Top Bookkeeping Practice

An intentional practice is driven by purpose, beginning with the end in mind both for the practice and for its clients. Its team, whether it be a team of one or a team of 100, pursues excellence and aligns around meeting foundational and measurable goals.

A specialized practice embraces its core competencies in pursuit of its purpose, creating a differentiated “product” and brand distinction.

An efficient practice develops and curates standardized processes using automation, technology integrations, and collaborative systems to provide streamlined client and team interaction and service delivery.

An effective practice generates financial wealth and non-financial outcomes for its clients by clearly understanding their needs and meeting those needs through the delivery of timely and accurate services.

A profitable practice uses intentionality, specialization, efficiency, and effectiveness to overcome commodification and price anchoring around bookkeeping services.

A scalable practice leverages modern systems, standardized processes, cutting-edge technology and streamlined businesses practices to create a model that increases its profit margin as the business expands, all while preserving work/life harmonization for all employees of the company and while growing increasingly independent of the direct involvement by ownership in daily operations and productions.