Woodard Groups allow accounting professionals and other small business advisors to interact throughout the year at a local level, leading to the development of high impact, long-term professional relationships. In addition to networking opportunities, the local meetings offer in-depth training and the opportunity to cross refer services.


Woodard Groups foster deep, long-term networking relationships between small business advisors and small business owners. By interacting throughout the year – and at a local level – the professional relationships our members build in local groups are unique and highly impactful.


Group meetings offer an in-depth training segment. Topics often include technical training on small to medium-sized business technologies, products that integrate with various accounting packages, and practice growth and development topics.


Woodard Group meetings are a great place to cross refer services between other small business advisors. Other members of your group will provide services that you don’t offer – and vice versa – allowing you to create a team-based approach to meeting your clients’ needs.


If you’d like help joining a group or finding one close to your location, please let us know.

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