Our coaching program – Woodard Institute – provides education, systems and tools to equip small business advisors to better manage their practices, extend value to their clients, develop specializations, grow their practices, and increase profitability. Woodard Institute also offers one-on-one mentorship and accountability programs, which include an interactive peer-to-peer coaching community and weekly accountability meet-ups, to guide you throughout your journey to the next “version” of your practice and the next version of yourself as a professional.


Transform Your Clients

Woodard Certified Transformative Advisors lead their clients to success by advising them in enhanced leadership skills, modernized technology, optimized operations, increased financial visibility and much more. Learn what it takes to become a Certified Transformative Advisor (CTA):


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Transform Your Practice

The Practice Transformation Program (PT) empowers you to take your practice to the next level by clarifying your brand, aligning internal and external business practices to your vision, and implementing process improvements, productivity improvements and standardization:


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During your 12-month subscription, you may enroll in courses offered through both our Certified Transformative Adivsory Program
and our Practice Transformation Program. 

Your 12-month subscription includes access to:
2 ten-week course credits per subscription year
1 credit that can be applied to a four-week Workshop or a Powerday
Weekly ACT (Accountability, Collaboration, and Traction) cohort meetings