Woodard Institute
Paraclete program


Par•a•clete | ˈper-ə-ˌklēt (Origin: Ancient Greek)  One who comes alongside for the whole of the journey 

Through the Woodard Paraclete program, one of our veteran practice leaders will “come alongside you for the whole of the journey,” with the structure, systems, and planning specific to your practice and professional goals. Simply put, your paraclete guides and protects your journey to a transformed and transformative practice.

Our goal for you in the Paraclete Program is to generate 3 times your financial investment during the first year!

Members of this program enjoy:

1. Priority access to your dedicated practice coach 

2. A highly customized and structured practice strategy

3. Weekly or bi-weekly strategy meetings, where your paraclete engages with you between meetings through Microsoft Teams

Three tiers for practices of all sizes

Tier 1: Practices with 1-3 professionals - $1.5k/month

Tier 2: Practices with 4-20 professionals - $3.5k/month

Tier 3: Practices with 20 or more professionals - $7.5k/month

*All tiers have a one-year minimum commitment, paid monthly.

Start working with a paraclete...
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