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The “Scaling New Heights” podcast is designed for accountants and other business advisors, providing professionals with year-round access to some of the key training from our annual Scaling New Heights conference. Each weekly broadcast includes an interview with a featured guest who is either a past Scaling New Heights presenter or a presenter we’ve recruited for an upcoming conference.

You can listen to episodes below or, better, subscribe to the podcast series on iOS or Android devices. Search for "Scaling New Heights" on your device's podcast platform to subscribe.



"I’m really excited about the new Podcasts. I’ve listened to the first one and I’m anxious for more. The Podcasts allow me to listen while in the car which allows me far more education that I would have time for in the office." Hal Rosen, CPA 


Episode 43

"Practice Planning: Managing People" (Part Two of a Six-Part Series)

Caleb Jenkins and Chris Farrell

Episode 42

"The Entrepreneurial Leap: A Conversation with Gino Wickman"

Gino Wickman

Episode 41

"The Execution Factor: A Conversation with Kim Perell"

Kim Perell

Episode 40

"Fix this Next: A Conversation with Mike Michalowicz"

Mike Michalowicz

Episode 39

"Practice Planning: An Overview (Part One of a Six-Part Series)"

Guests: Caleb Jenkins & Chris Farrell

Episode 38

"The Age of Brilliance"

Simon T. Bailey

Episode 37

"Understanding and Servicing Latino Owned Businesses"

Antonio Martinez and Mariette Martinez

Episode 36

"Client Experience - the Key to Practice Distinction"

Simon T. Bailey

Episode 35

"Emergency Measures for Critical Small Business Issues"

Dawn Fotopulos

Episode 34

"Conquering Task Overload"

Joe Woodard

Episode 33

"Preparing Yourself and Your Clients for Succession"

Peter Hickey

Episode 32

"The Transformative Advisor"

Joe Woodard with Gary Dehart

Episode 31

"Practical Value Pricing"

Mark Wickersham

Episode 30

"Intuit's Partnership with Accounting Professionals"

Rich Preece

Episode 29

"Staying Current with Technology"

Michelle Long and Alicia Katz Pollock

Episode 28

"Moving Beyond Bookkeeping and Compliance into the Role of Advisor"

Robin Hall and Gale Kirsopp

Episode 27

"Building and Leading a Team"

Clayton Oates

Episode 26

"Finding and Retaining the Right Clients"

Hector Garcia and Patricia Hendrix

Episode 25

"Becoming & Remaining Distinctive"

Stephen King and Laura Redmond

Episode 24

"Making Yourself and Your Practice an Agent of Small Business Transformation"

Sandra Wiley

Episode 23

"The Power of Standardized Processes and Procedures"

Dawn Brolin

Episode 22

"The Super ProAdvisor: One Firm’s Path to National Size and Recognition"

Robin Hall

Episode 21

"Bookkeeping: Today and Tomorrow"

Jan Haugo

Episode 20

"Face to Face Networking in the Digital Age"

Ingrid Edstrom

Episode 19

"The Advisory Services Model: Lead your Firm, Lead your Clients"

Gary Boomer

Episode 18

"Trust: The Essential Key of the New Economy (Part 2)"

Stephen M. R. Covey

Episode 17

"Trust: The Essential Key of the New Economy (Part 1)"

Stephen M. R. Covey

Episode 16

"Saving Small Business"

Dawn Fotopulos

Episode 15

"Shark-Proofing Your Clients"

Daymond John

Episode 14

"Back to the Future: Accountant Edition"

Paul Dunn

Episode 13

"The Power of Professional Passion: A Conversation with Joe Buissink"

Joe Buissink

Episode 12

"The Epic Practice - Part 3"

Joe Woodard

Episode 11

"The Epic Practice - Part 2"

Joe Woodard

Episode 10

"Protect and Grow Your Practice - Fraud and Hiring"

Dawn Brolin

Episode 9

"Leveraging Market Trends to Reach New Clients"

Mike Michalowicz

Episode 8

"The Epic Practice-Part 1"

Joe Woodard

Episode 7

"Nonprofits: A Profitable and Rewarding Niche"

Gregg Bossen

Episode 6

"Computers as Accountants: The Impact of AI on the Profession"

Ron Baker

Episode 5

"Infusing Extreme Value into Client Relationships…and Pricing Accordingly"

Mark Wickersham

Episode 4

"The "Now Leader" - Guiding Clients through 8 Key Areas of Change"

Rob Nixon

Episode 3

"Small Business Adjustments that Trigger Colossal Results"

Mike Michalowicz

Episode 2

"Detecting and Preventing Small Businesses Fraud and Embezzlement (Part 2)"

Frank Abagnale

Episode 1

"Detecting and Preventing Small Businesses Fraud and Embezzlement (Part 1)"

Frank Abagnale