Limited Time Offer from Intuit QuickBooks!

QuickBooks Plus Woodard for Power Day Scholarship

In partnership with Woodard, Intuit is providing members of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program with a full scholarship to participate in one of our "Bookkeeping Plus" Power Days!

Our "Bookkeeping Plus" Power Days equip you to offer a slate of services by which you elevate your role with your clients, add value, and position yourself to increase revenues in your client relationships.

Qualifying Participants:
QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program members who support at least 3 clients with professional bookkeeping services and/or client accounting services.

How to Participate:
Step 1: Click "Enroll Now" to select one of the three Power Day courses below.
Step 2: Complete the registration form using the coupon code INTUIT100PD.
Step 3: Watch your email for a confirmation and further instructions.
Step 4: Attend the Power Day and begin offering enhanced bookkeeping services!

Note: This is a limited-time offer for Power Day courses offered November-December 2021. Seating is limited. We will issue scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis.


About Power Days

Each course in Woodard Institute's Power Day series equips you to perform entry-level coaching services to your existing bookkeeping clients.

The Power Days are designed for you to elevate your bookkeeping - to offer a new, value-infused tier of services that includes a slate of add-ons (e.g., financial coaching) that increase value for your clients and generate new revenue streams for your practice.

These entry-level coaching services generate, on average, about $500 per month in additional billings for each of your bookkeeping clients. For some of your larger clients, you can possibly generate more than $1,000 per month!



Choose December 6 or December 16

Accounts Receivable management is the most important contributor to incoming cash flow. A/R often represents over 40% of current assets for many small to medium-sized companies. This course will equip you to manage your clients' A/R, improve cash flow, and mitigate bad debt (i.e., write-offs). The hands-on exercises you will perform during this course focus on A/R measurements and management techniques you can begin immediately using with your existing bookkeeping clients as a new billable add-on service. The course also covers how to identify clients who would benefit most from A/R management services, and how to package and price your A/R management services.

Please note you can only use your scholarship ONE time.


December 13

Managing cash is the lifeblood for every business, whether just starting out, growing, or declining. It is as much an art form as it is a mathematical necessity in a business. This course is designed to educate and equip you with critical and essential cash flow concepts that every business needs to maximize their cash flow and profits in a simple, yet powerful way.

Please note you can only use your scholarship ONE time.


December 13

Most business owners are not financial managers and they need your expertise to help them make better decisions. During this Power Day you will gain an understanding of the skills and tools you need to provide your clients with “operational intelligence” rather than just the usual monthly financial reports they neither open nor understand. You will learn a simple process for adding significant value to their decision-making while generating an average of about $500 per month per client for your efforts. And...this course will equip you to prepare for each client meeting with less than 30 minutes of prep work!

Please note you can only use your scholarship ONE time.