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Our vision at Woodard is to “transform small businesses through small business advisors.” As an extension of this vision, our driving purpose at Woodard is to “empower small business advisors.”Tech Makeover is a documentary series – comprised of 10 mini-episodes per season – that shows Woodard’s vision and purpose in action. It is the story of one small business advisor’s efforts to transform the way a small business operates through the right combination of technology consulting, management consulting and accounting support.

This podcast series drills down on the topics we cover during the annual Scaling New Heights® Conference. Joe Woodard, the host of Scaling New Heights and CEO of Woodard Events personally hosts each podcast episode. If you are a small business advisor or a small business owner, we strongly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast to enjoy the benefits of the annual conference throughout the year. And of course we encourage you to attend the annual Scaling New Heights conference live. Click here to view our Podcast Library.


With two decades of experience consulting with small businesses (and with Intuit directly) around Intuit’s small business products, Woodard is uniquely positioned to empower you as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor with the education, professional coaching, resources, and networking opportunities you need to support your clients using QuickBooks.

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