We provide nationally renowned Webinars for accountants and bookkeepers on a wide range of topics designed to empower you to better support your small business clients. Some of the most highly rated webinars are shown below.


this Event Occurred september 2, 2020

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"Think again"

At this point in the 21st centurythe case is closed on the cloud. Practically everyone on the planet has accepted the prevailing and pervasive presence of the cloud in our lives and businesses.  

During this webinar we will not reassess the future or viability of the cloud. We at Woodard are 100% on “Team Cloud” for accountants and bookkeepers. However, during this provocative webinar we will reassess what it means to be a true cloud-powered practice. And, to present a fresh challenge to the professions, our reassessment will set some ambitious and challenging cloud adoption goals. 

Can you pass our reassessment? 

Ultimately you must attend the webinar to know for sure, but here are some questions to get you started: 

  • Do you have a computer in your office you refer to as “the server?” 
  • Does anyone in your practice have even a single file on computer hard drive? 
  • Do you have one or more clients using desktop solutions like QuickBooks or Sage 50 stored on local server in the client’s office? In your office? 
  • Have you inserted a flash drive into a USB slot on your computer in the last 12 months? 
  • Do you have a phone on your desk? (Yes. That is a real question!) 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this is the webinar for you! 



This Event Occurred June 23, 2020

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"Doing more by doing less"

In our experience training over 125,000 accountants and bookkeepers, we detected a ubiquitous, pervasive, seemingly unavoidable problem within the profession:

Task Overload

This issue robs professionals of intentionality, work-life harmonization, mental clarity, and the ability to develop new skills like client advisory.

So...How Do You Conquer Task Overload?

That is the very question we will answer during the webinar. Joe Woodard will reveal some of his own task management tricks, examine cutting-edge automations, explore creative resourcing options in a world of virtual work...and more!

Attend this webinar to...

  • Clear the Fog of Endless Emails, To-Do Items and Deadlines*
  • Overcome Five Key Obstacles that Prevent You from Maximizing Productivity
  • Streamline Workload with Essential Process Automation
  • Reduce Task Load with Creative, Virtual-Friendly Resourcing Options
  • ...and More!


QBO Advanced QBES

This Event Occurred April 29, 2020

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"QBO Advanced vs. QB Enterprise"

Intuit introduced QuickBooks Online Advanced recently as a solution for larger businesses with more complex operational and reporting needs, and is positioning QuickBooks Online Advanced as a disruption of the mid-market. QBO Advanced has some powerful capabilities, but isn't as developed as QuickBooks Enterprise, Intuit's most robust and mature accounting solution.

Which solution is best for your clients?

That is the very question we will address during the webinar. Joe Woodard and his panel of experts will break down the unique value propositions of both solutions so you can make informed recommendations to your clients.

Attend this webinar to...

  • Learn the unique and differentiated benefits of both QuickBooks Online Advanced and QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Explore business cases where QB Online Advanced or QuickBooks Enterprise solutions is the best option...and present your own business case to our panel of experts!
  • Hear Joe Woodard's projections about Intuit's plans with QuickBooks Enterprise and QuickBooks Online Advanced...and More!



This EVENT occurred APRIL 2020

 The recording for this webinar is available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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"COVID-19 Response Workshop"

A Two Part Webinar Series

Presented by Peter Hickey and Joe Woodard

This free online workshop offers a 24-Step crisis management plan designed for you to guide your clients as they navigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

This two-part workshop focuses on two key areas of crisis response:

Part 1: Business Resilience

This segment of the workshop focuses on key measurements like cash burn and cash flow projections and ways to address cash concerns like emergency funding, cost cutting and restoring revenue streams through responsive marketing, new products/services and modified delivery systems.

Download the Handout
Use the Cash Burn Calculator

Part 2: Personal Resilience

This segment of the workshop focuses on the business owner's mental and emotional health. Use the principles in this segment to guide your clients through: stress reduction, change leadership, work/life management, and maintaining a proactive and positive mindset.

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This Webinar occurred March 2020

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The handout is available through March 31, 2020.

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A Webinar Presented by Joe Woodard

Businesses will always need accurate record keeping and financial reporting. That component of business operations and management is alive and well...and will remain so indefinitely. During this webinar, Joe Woodard will specifically address the impact on professional bookkeepers. In other words, the more specific question: "Is Professional Bookkeeping Dead?"

The bookkeeping profession is undergoing a massive landscape change, driven by:

  • Pervasive and rapid technology advancements that are significantly reducing - and in some cases eliminating - the work performed by professional bookkeepers. 
  • Scaled and heavily resourced organizations entering the bookkeeping space (e.g. KPMG, H&R Block/Wave, Intuit, Bench, Finance Pals, Belay...etc.)
  • Hyper commodification - largely the result of the technological and competitive shifts described above.

During this webinar Joe Woodard will:

  • Assess the landscape of technologies and their impact on the bookkeeping profession.
  • Highlight imminent bookkeeping-related technologies launching within a 12-24 month horizon.
  • Survey the commodity-priced, "productized" bookkeeping offerings emerging within the space.

Address the bookkeeper's response to the shifting landscape
And...of course...provide an informed answer to the question, "Is Professional Bookkeeping Dead?"


A very dark graphic - in face the background is only black. Top third of the horizontal image is the word 'woodard' in white thin text with the lower 2 thrids in large thick red font says 'is QBD dead?'

This webinar occurred February, 6 2020


The recording for this webinar is available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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"Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?"

A Webinar Presented by Joe Woodard

QuickBooks Desktop boasts over 4 million users globally and enjoys a mature feature set that is the culmination of decades of product development.

Why, then, would we ask such an inflammatory question like “Is QuickBooks Desktop Dead?”

Our question isn’t about the capabilities or prevalence of QuickBooks Desktop. Our question, and this exciting new webinar, speaks to the relevance of QuickBooks Desktop in a post desktop world (i.e. a cloud world). We could ask the same question in a different way: “What is the Relevance of QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud Age?”

The answer to this question, however we phase it, is of paramount importance to both QuickBooks Desktop users and the accountants who support these businesses in their use of QuickBooks Desktop.

During this webinar Woodard and our expert panelists will cover:

  • The economic viability of QuickBooks Desktop for Intuit and its shareholders
  • An analysis of Intuit’s investment in QuickBooks Desktop, including product development, marketing and channel empowerment
  • Two, Five and Ten-year projections by Woodard on the future of QuickBooks Desktop
  • …and more!


Black background with vivid orange graphic and text. The grahpic is a shield created with small thin lines and glowing dots. The text says 'Rise of the Accounting Guardians' Woodard Presents in white font.



The handouts and recordings for all past segments of this webinar series are available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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"Rise of the Accounting Guardians"

A Webinar Series Hosted by Joe Woodard

Thousands of accountants and bookkeepers joined us in Fall 2018 for "Rise of the Accounting Guardians," a four-part webinar series focused on protecting your clients from employee fraud, banking fraud, systems breaches, and G&A overruns.

We expanded our highly reviewed series to include 6 new sessions...free for accountants and bookkeepers!

As accountants and bookkeepers, we are uniquely positioned to protect our clients from these types of unnecessary and, often preventable, losses. This webinar series will equip you to protect your clients and, as a result, play a transformative role in the way your clients operate their businesses.

  • Part 1: “Guarding Your Clients from Vendor and Employee Fraud” - Dawn Brolin and Joe Woodard
  • Part 2: “Guarding Your Clients from Check, Wire and Credit Card Fraud” - Greg Listler
  • Part 3: “Guarding Your Clients from Data and Systems Breaches” - Randy Johnston
  • Part 4: “Guarding Your Clients from Cost and Expense Overruns” -  Ron Saharyan, Johan Colvig, and Alex Bean
  • Part 5: “Guarding Your Clients from Personal Exposure: Incorporation Strategies” - Nellie Akalp
  • Part 6: “Guarding Your Clients from HR and Payroll Penalties”
  • Part 7: “Guarding Your Clients from Malicious Email Schemes”
  • Part 8: “Guarding Your Practice from Write-offs and Scope Creep”
  • Part 9: "Guarding Your Clients from Cash Flow Crises” - Dave Fester and Justin Pulgrano
  • Part 10: “Guarding Your Clients from Hacks, Malware and Data Loss”


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The handouts and recordings for all segments of this webinar series are available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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A Webinar Series Hosted by Joe Woodard

Almost all accountants and bookkeepers have a premium set of clients who have specialized needs and who provide opportunities for expanding your role and increasing your billable services.

To “stretch” yourself and your practice to better service your premium clients you need:
- Workarounds for stretching your clients’ use of QuickBooks (See Details Below)
- An expanded set of tools (e.g. Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central)
- Partnerships with experts who can work alongside you, especially with the client’s information technology needs

So, we teamed up with Microsoft and Stratos Cloud Alliance – one of Microsoft’s leading cloud service providers – to offer this exciting, four-part webinar series.

This series is designed for you to...
- Maximize your client’s use of QuickBooks
- Expand the scope of services you offer your clients
- Explore Microsoft's powerful integrated business solutions, and
- Discover ways you can partner with Microsoft to add value for your practice and your clients.

  • Part 1: "Stretching QuickBooks Desktop to Meet the Needs of Your Larger Clients" - Mario Nowogrodzki and Craig Crescas
  • Part 2: "Stretching Your Role with Your Clients through Custom Reporting and Business Analytics" - Ernest Cook and Craig Crescas
  • Part 3: "Stretching Your Practice to Include Technology Advisory Services and Partnerships" - David Warner and Scott May
  • Part 4: "Stretching Your Horizons through a Discovery of How Microsoft's AI Powers the Future of Accounting Solutions" - Shubham Choudhary and Craig Crescas


A green butterfly in space with text on top of the butterfly 'Transformative Advisor Webinar Series' below the white text is a sybol/icon in a yellow circle - a simple white line drawing of a person in a computer screen with a speech bubble.



The handouts and recordings for all segments of this webinar series are available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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"The Transformative Advisor"

A Webinar Series Hosted by Joe Woodard

Many small business owners want to have a more proactive, forward-looking and strategic relationship with accounting professionals…and most accounting professionals want to contribute to small business success.

In this ground-breaking webinar series Joe Woodard address practical ways to play a transformative role with your clients, based on his 20+ years of experience as small business transformation worker and his 20+ years training over 150,000 accountants, bookkeepers and other small business advisors.

During the series, Joe and his panel of experts addressed three primary approaches to small business transformation: Increasing Automation and Effectiveness through Technology Adoption, Increasing Visibility through Key Financial and Operational Measurements, Increasing Business Health and Performance through Strategic Planning.

  • Part 1:"Overcoming the Barriers: The Pathway to Transformative Advisory Work" - Joe Woodard
  • Part 2: "Creating Visibility: Transforming Clients through Key Financial and Operational Measurements" - Joe Woodard and Fred Parrish
  • Part 3: "Enhancing Performance: Transforming Clients through Strategic Advisory Work" - Tom Uva
  • Part 4: "Deploying Technology: Transforming Clients through Strategic Technology Adoption" - Anthony Schaefer


A dark face on a dark background with faint blue lines and dots. Text reads 'Future Proofing Your Practice.' in white text.



The handouts and recordings for all segments of this webinar series are available exclusively to members of Woodard Alliance.

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"Future Proofing Your Practice"

A Webinar Series Hosted by Joe Woodard

The accounting and bookkeeping professions are facing a technological shift – what some are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution – that will, through automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence and Blockchains, radically alter the way you deliver services to your clients. Attend this powerful, four-part webinar series to make an informed response to the coming technological change.

  • Part 1:"Discovering the Machines: An Exploration of AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Other Disruptive Technologies" - Joe Woodard
  • Part 2: "Leveraging the Machines: Creating Extreme Efficiencies and Profits through Process Automation" - Joe Woodard
  • Part 3: "Transcending the Machines: Expanding Your Role Beyond Business Compliance to Business Coach" - Joe Woodard
  • Part 4: "Embracing the Machines: The Professional Landscape in the World of Cognitive Technologies" - Joe Woodard


A brown glossy gavel with a gold band rests on a wooden pad. In the background there are books and a sclae. Text in the foreground reads 'Adivsing Clients Post Wayfair.'

"Advising Clients Post Wayfair"

A Webinar Presented by Robert Schulte

The SCOTUS ruling on South Dakota vs. Wayfair has far reaching implications for small businesses throughout the U.S. Your clients are depending on you to guide them through the upcoming changes impacting anyone who collects sales tax on products or services!

The handout and recording of this webinar is available on demand for members of Woodard Alliance.

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On old fashioned wooden sign with 3 arrows pointing in different directions. The three arrows read, 'Good, Better, Perfect!' the background is a stark blue sky with puffy white clouds.

"The Perfect Practice in 50 Words"

A Webinar Presented by Joe Woodard

Even if your practice is profitable - or thriving - it is often not the practice you prefer.  Many practices are plagued with stale client relationships, harsh political cultures, broken systems, and under-priced services.  But, there is a path to a better, more prefect practice. In this cutting-edge address, Joe Woodard, defines the perfect accounting practice (in exactly 50 words) and provides practical, achievable steps to intentionally fold the perfect practice design in your firm.

The handout and recording of this webinar is available on demand for members of Woodard Alliance.

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Black text on a transparent white background. Text reads 'The 10 things you need to know about tax reform.' the white box is in front of some tax paper work with reading glasses.

"The 10 Things You Need to Know about Tax Reform"

A Webinar Hosted by Joe Woodard, Conducted in Cooperation with Surgent

Woodard has teamed up with Surgent, leaders in tax education in the U.S., to provide expert instruction on the massive changes introduced by the “Tax Reform and Jobs Act” in 2017. Your instructor will focus on the new standard deduction, the repeat of personal exceptions, the deduction for qualified business income, limitations on business interest deduction, the limitation of losses for tax preparers other than corporations…and more!

The handout and recording of this webinar is available on demand for members of Woodard Alliance.

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