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About The Event

This four-day event is a key value component of Woodard's Membership Program and provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow. Woodard Summit brings together practice coaches, thought leaders, and subject matter experts who engage you through a workshop-style format, so you can focus on creating (or expanding) a comprehensive practice plan (option 1) or pricing plan (option 2).

Choose the Outcome You Want to Drive through Woodard Summit

Customize your experience by selecting one of two workshops, each focused on specific areas of practice strategy and practice advancement.

Develop Your Pricing Plan Through this workshop you will establish your unique value proposition, set corrective steps for underpriced clients, neutralize marketing-driven pricing pressures, and package services to maximize revenues from existing client engagements. 
Develop Your Annual Practice Plan Through this workshop you will develop a customized and comprehensive practice plan focused on client profiles, human resource strategies, process enhancements, technology deployment, and best practices for structuring client engagements.  
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Featured Keynote Presenter

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn, a distinguished four-time TEDx speaker, and globetrotting business educator, will present the closing keynote at this year’s Woodard Summit and will be available to our members on the final day of the summit to answer questions and support their practice planning process. 

Paul is a distinguished author, co-authoring works like The Firm of the Future and Time’s Up and is a member of one of the world’s leading think tanks. He has been honored with a Lifetime Service Award to the Accounting Profession in the UK, and his work as chairman of the revolutionary business giving movement BIG1: Business for Good has been featured in leading-edge publications such as Forbes, Fast Company, Springwise, Mashable, as well as Voice of America. 

Attend Woodard Summit to experience...

Strategic Planning Participate in collaborative workshops, personal introspection, and hands-on exercises designed for you to develop a comprehensive practice plan or pricing strategy for your bookkeeping (CAS), accounting, and/or advisory practice. 
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Relationship Building Build lasting connections with other like-minded professionals who are passionate about their businesses and dedicated to improving themselves, their teams, and their practices. 
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Exchange ideas, strategize with your peers, and share your successes and challenges. You will have access to the guidance and expertise of the Woodard Coaching Team, and a team of subject matter experts who will be on hand to support you every step of the way. 

A Recharge

Whether you're a long-term Woodard member or just starting your membership, Woodard Summit is the perfect opportunity to achieve and maintain traction in you practice. You'll leave feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with the tools, strategies, and connections you need to achieve your goals.

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Learn More About Woodard Summit

Eager to learn more about the Woodard Summit? Watch as Patricia Hendrix, Executive Vice President of Communities, brings the vision of community, collaboration, and coaching to life through this unique on-site event.  Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs join us year after year to work on the essential pillars of their practice in an environment that facilitates success. 

Woodard Summit is a Members-only event!

Join today to enjoy not just this powerful summit, but also online group coaching sessions, virtual workshops, roundtable discussions, and more!